Features of the detective film genre

Among the many modern film genres, a special position is occupied by a detective film. It illustrates certain criminal acts, followed by the identification and denunciation of those responsible for their commission. And most often the whole story is not from the third person, but from the detective who solves this mystery. That’s why the plot turns out to be quite exciting and intriguing.

All detective films can be conditionally divided into several subcategories:

– court drama, most often based on a specific play. The main feature of such films is the attachment of the main action to the courtroom. An example of such works is the film adaptation of the book by Agatha Christie called “Witness for the Prosecution” with Charles Lawton and Marlene Dietrich in the lead roles. By entering the Internet query “detective watch online for free”, users can get acquainted with the features of this movie genre;

– so-called gangster films, the main character in which are representatives of mafia structures. One of the well-known films belonging to this subcategory is, for example, The Godfather;

– a legal drama that tells mainly about the activities of a lawyer whose goal is to protect a client. An example of such film works is “Jagged Blade”;

– films with a storyline opposite to the previous one – police investigations. If the legal drama describes the process of defending the accused, in this film genre, on the contrary, the main action takes place in the police station. The work of detectives engaged in the search for a criminal and attempts to bring him to justice for his deeds is described. An example of a film that belongs to this subcategory is “87 Police Station”;

– detective thrillers are films that describe a series of crimes or individual atrocities, most often committed with particular cruelty. For example, the film “Natural Born Killers” belongs to this category;

– police comedies in which the activities of “legal structures” and the laws they enforce are ridiculed. Deciding to have a good time and watch a light movie for free, you should choose a tape like “Police Academy”. No less interesting is also a series of works that tell about the work of the gendarmerie, the main character of which is Louis de Funes;

– films based on real events, such as Bonnie and Clyde. In such films, the details of the crimes are mainly adjusted to create a more believable and interesting plot.

Detectives are generally liked by people who have a sharp, observant, analytical mind and wit. Watching a movie is a kind of “brain exercise” for them.

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