Repair. What is the difference between major and cosmetic repairs.

A major overhaul is much grander and larger than a cosmetic one. And the point is not only that the work is associated with more complex changes, with possible redevelopment, but also with the latest improved materials with modern quality characteristics. This is a modified interior, replacement of the electrical system, an outdated communication network, replacement of windows and doors, sometimes it becomes necessary. replacement of the heating system, alteration of floors, ceilings and walls.

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Major repairs may be needed not only in the secondary housing stock, but also in new, newly commissioned houses, since recently the primary residential market has been rented out without planning and without finishing work. Longer and more difficult to carry out repairs in populated apartments. It is necessary to resolve the issue of residence of the owners for this period, storage of their things, and therefore I want to reduce the time of work to a minimum.

Cosmetic repairs are much simpler and therefore carried out in a shorter time. With such a repair, alterations related to the improvement and replacement of any systems are not planned.

Carrying out work related to major repairs requires not only solid financial investments, but also highly qualified specialists. You should not trust the overhaul to unfamiliar private craftsmen, and even more so take on the overhaul yourself. You can doom yourself to endless rework.

Rare major repairs do without redevelopment of your area, if not completely, then partially necessarily. This is the most time-consuming and lengthy process that requires prior approvals.

For proper and high-quality repairs, work should be performed strictly sequentially, observing the process technology:

one. Dismantling works

2. Leveling and plastering walls

3. Screed for subsequent flooring

four. Construction of interior partitions

5. Execution of the suspended ceiling structure

6. Replacing electrical wiring

7. Installation of sanitary equipment. (Multiple parameters need to be taken into account for optimum operating conditions)

eight. Preparing walls and ceilings for tiling

9. Quality putty

ten. Wall painting

eleven. Laying floor coverings

12. Installation of skirting boards

Only if all the conditions of the technological process are fulfilled, the overhaul will be of high quality and will delight you and your loved ones with its beauty, novelty and uniqueness.

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