Venetian plastering of walls, columns and other surfaces

Do you want to create a truly chic interior of the Middle Ages or the Renaissance in your apartment?? Do you want your apartment to be admired by everyone who comes to you?? Then, a great option for you will be the decoration of ceilings and walls with Venetian plaster. We offer you a unique opportunity, without visiting stores in search of a suitable material, to become the owner of this magnificent element of room decoration. Our masters themselves will come to you, show all the available plaster samples, from which you can choose the best one for yourself. After you have made your choice, we will begin work on its application.

How much does Venetian plaster cost??

Let’s say right away that, unlike other decorative materials, the cost of Venetian plaster is quite high. However, trust me, it’s worth it. Moreover, if you order services for its application from us, then the material will cost you much cheaper than if you purchased it in a store. Before starting work, our master will inspect the premises, determine the scope of work, make an estimate, including the cost of the plaster itself and the cost of its application. Only after agreeing on the price, we start applying the material.

What is this material?

In fact, this is a decorative coating that imitates natural marble. The material itself consists of dust of valuable rocks and marble flour mixed with water emulsion and slaked lime. This material has been used worldwide for more than 500 years. Its history began during the Renaissance, when Andrea Polladio, a Roman architect, noticed that after cutting marble stone during the construction of buildings, dust remains, and by trial and error, he found an excellent use for it. Venetian plaster is used mainly in exclusive individual designs. Not only the beauty and style of the material is important here, but also its environmental properties, the creativity of the designer and the artistic skill of the application specialist. You can adjust this material to any room, thanks to its unique properties, such as elasticity, light resistance, water resistance, strength. It is very easy to care for, easily tolerates any detergents and cleaners that do not contain solvents. It can decorate any surface: brick, concrete, metal, wood, drywall, etc. d.

Video about the repair using decorative plaster

Video report on the repair using decorative plaster by the specialists of the company “SK-Remont”.

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Covering with Venetian plaster

Venetian plaster is significantly different from any other finishing material in that it is possible to achieve a chic result only with the help of a special application technique, which takes place in several stages. The depth and effect of natural stone is achieved due to the fact that each layer is properly smoothed and stretched after application. To apply such plaster on your own, without knowing all the subtleties, means to spoil both the material and the finish. On the last layer of the coating, you can create an artistic painting, again, only a professional with an artistic and aesthetic taste is able to make a real work of art out of an already chic material. When creating an artistic painting on the last layer, one should take into account the illumination of the surface where the plaster will be applied. It is necessary to make sure that the applied image conveys the whole color of the exclusivity of the pattern. The final step in applying plaster is waxing, namely polishing the surface with wax. It does this in order to give it a unique, chic look, make the surface glossy and increase its protective properties and moisture resistance.

As you already understood, only modern technologies, combined with the artistic talent of the master, can make the Venetian plaster in your apartment reflect the beauty and harmony of the Middle Ages. Therefore, do not delay, it’s time to invite real professionals who can turn your apartment into a medieval castle. Call us.

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