Replacement of heating radiators

The problem with the cold in your apartment can be easily solved by replacing old heating radiators with new ones.

When planning an apartment renovation, you should decide on the type of radiator you want. Their range is quite wide, but there are several reliable companies that produce heating appliances. Radiators can be aluminum bimetal or steel panel, the main thing is that they are adapted for Russian central heating systems.

When changing the radiator, it fits perfectly into the interior of the room and can satisfy the most demanding customer with its characteristics.

High quality workmanship and a large selection of sizes, combined with a modern appearance, give advantages to radiators made of aluminum and bimetal. They are most often chosen for installation, both in apartments and in country houses.

Aluminum alloys used in the production of radiators all have quality assurance. For the manufacture of sections of heating devices, a high-pressure casting method is used, after which they undergo a cycle of complex machining. Each radiator after assembly is subjected to a high pressure test, and only then sent for painting.

It also goes through two stages. First, the anaphoresis process is carried out, which allows painting the internal surfaces, which greatly increases the anti-corrosion characteristics of the product. After that, it is electrostatically sprayed with white epoxy enamel.

At the final stage of production, each radiator is covered with a protective film of polyethylene and packed in a cardboard box.

When choosing a new product for heating, it is imperative to take into account the technical characteristics of the product. They will help to avoid unsuccessful purchases of products that do not meet quality requirements. When an old radiator is being replaced, it is necessary to calculate the heat transfer of a new heater according to Russian standards determined by the Research Institute of Plumbing. In addition, the number of sections is taken into account if the installation is carried out in a niche located under the window sill, or behind a panel covering the radiator.

Such devices can only be installed in water or steam heating systems, at a maximum temperature of 120 degrees. It is necessary to replace the radiator only after finishing the rooms. Walls must be plastered, wallpapered or painted.

When all work on replacing the heating radiator is completed, additional painting is not recommended. In addition, it is also not necessary to completely block the device from the coolant supply, especially in the summer.

Replacing an old radiator with a new, modern heating device will not only increase the temperature, and with it the comfort in the house, but also improve the interior design of an apartment or house. It is advisable to replace heating radiators with the help of professional craftsmen. However, it’s always up to you to choose.

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