Home birth – yes! or still no?

This topic was prompted to me by an event that took place in Kyiv, and which was talked about in the news of all TV channels. It was about a woman who wanted to give birth at home with her husband and assistant. The birth was difficult, and the baby died due to a triple entanglement of the umbilical cord. But children with umbilical cords have never been a particular problem for obstetricians, in such conditions thousands of babies are born alive. It turns out that the birth of a child at home led to sad consequences. However, there are many examples that childbirth in the maternity hospital is also unsafe. What do you think about this? Would you decide to have a baby at home or consider it absolutely unnecessary? There is no definite answer yet, but I will only give the pros and cons of each option.

Having a baby at home – the benefits

one. Of course, the first advantage, in my opinion, is the native familiar environment itself. As they say, houses and walls help.

2. There will be no internal fear that is associated with being in the hospital, there will be no need to follow hospital rules and procedures.

3. Near you will be only those whom you want to see. No unfamiliar medical staff, no unfamiliar roommates.

four. Only you make decisions, everything goes according to your scenario.

5. You can move freely when and where you want, and this is important. You can just hang out.

6. You can calmly follow the needs of the body, helping to speed up the birth process.

7. An experienced midwife of your choice is called upon to relieve all stress.

eight. At home, you can freely express your emotions without fear of embarrassing the staff or disturbing someone in the next room (although the apartment has its own neighborly nuances in this regard).

9. No need to control the time. Nobody is in a hurry, there are no other “patients” distracting the attention of the staff.

ten. Outside interference in the process is almost minimal, there are no instruments and tools. However, it is correct that the midwife responsible for the birth of a child at home should have the equipment in order to keep the situation under control, and it is also important to have resuscitation equipment that will save in emergency cases.

eleven. At home, the risk of catching some kind of infection is lower, since it is the hospital that is often the breeding ground for infections.

12. Childbirth at home is cheaper than in a maternity hospital.

Cons of having a baby at home:

one. The main problems are due to an unskilled person helping to bring the baby into the world. Rarely, a licensed home birth attendant is involved in home births.

2. At present, it is difficult to imagine that a Russian midwife had at least some equipment, especially resuscitation. And if some complications begin, then it will be possible to save the baby only in the conditions of the maternity center.

The disadvantages of having a baby at home are less than the pros, but they are more significant. Life is at stake. And all the other inconveniences, it seems to me, do not matter so much. Well, just think, people are strangers, the bath is shared, etc. d. In addition, it seems to me that partner births are a good alternative to traditional ones both in terms of comfort and safety. This, of course, is my opinion, but still it’s better not to take risks and give birth in specialized institutions. Do you agree?

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