Furniture covers

Furniture covers not only play a protective role, but also decorate and update the interior, change the color and style, create a certain mood. Having a set of covers for winter and summer, you can change the spatial environment beyond recognition.

for old chairs”, which completely covers the chair. But if the furniture is new with beautiful upholstery that decorates the interior, why cover it completely? To avoid dirt and abrasions, “working” covers are needed, which are quickly removed by the arrival of guests and are easy to wash.

Bedspreads and capes for armchairs and sofas are easy to make yourself. In combination with decorative pillows, curtains, rugs and furniture accessories, these bedspreads will help create the desired style and mood.

Covers for the back and seat are made of two decorative fabrics: striped and flowered. The length of the bedspread is equal to twice the length of the back and seat, the width is optional. Border 10 cm wide made of striped fabric, sewn around the perimeter to the main piece.

A cover with pockets for the armrest of a chair or sofa is very practical. In addition to the protective function, it allows you to place the items you need in your pockets. For lovers of knitting – knitting needles, ganchos, balls of thread; for those who want to relax while reading – a book, magazines, newspapers, etc. Pockets can be stitched on both sides.

Headrest – comfortable and easy to perform. Easy to remove and wash. Creating a certain style, you should more carefully select fabrics: velor, linen, tapestry, etc.

The basis of the cover is a smooth cotton fabric, the length of which is twice the length of the back of the chair. Decorative trim is a border stitched on the base. Two ribbons sewn on the sides of the headrest are made from it. Tied to a bow, they fix the headrest on the back of the chair and serve as a decorative design. From the same fabric you can sew pillows, curtains and more. In general, this will create a harmonious impression.

Decorative armrest of an unusual shape will help you create your imagination. Armrest with teeth and tassels will suit the classic style. Color, fabric pattern, mini-composition of armrests and headrest will bring some charm to the interior.

Velcro cover is very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. To hold it on the armrests and the seat from the inside, two Velcro tapes are attached to it. The length of such a cover is equal to the width of the seat plus the outer and inner height of the armrest, multiplied by two. Cover width 30-40 cm.

For covers it is better to choose cotton fabric (or with the addition of synthetics). The most important thing is to maintain a harmonious combination of all elements of the interior with each other.

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