Additional processing of parts is the key to long and trouble-free operation

Additional processing of parts is the key to long and trouble-free operation

In the process of creating any part, a huge amount of production resources and materials is expended. But even compliance with all production processes does not make it possible to obtain a high-strength part. For this, additional methods are used, which, through the correct manipulations, make it possible to obtain a finished product of high quality.

Machining of parts is a rather difficult technological process, which includes the processing of a product with a lathe. With its help, an experienced specialist manages to adjust the dimensions of the product in full accordance with the drawing.

Parts processing can also be thermal or nitrogen. It is this kind of chemical treatment that allows the metal to change its structure to a stronger and more durable composition.

Production of hardware according to GOST standards

The production of hardware must necessarily be carried out taking into account the characteristics of this type of fastener. The possibility of obtaining a product with threaded threads is possible due to the heat treatment of its working surface. It is also necessary to provide a sharp shape at the end of the product so that the hardware can easily cut into any hard surface.

The process of forming the core and head occurs simultaneously at all stages of production cycles. This allows the product to acquire a monolithic structure, which will not be damaged when exposed to forces. After the formation of the working surface of the product, temperature hardening takes place. This is a very important technological process that changes the structural composition of the product, while providing it with higher technical characteristics. It should be noted that each manufactured according to the state. standards, the product should not have less than 50 units. according to the Rockwell system. Compliance with all production stages allows the product to acquire high technical characteristics, maximum corrosion resistance and density. This is also achieved through zinc plating or oxidation. Despite the availability of professional equipment and compliance with all production stages, one cannot do without an impressive amount of experience. The production of hardware is a set of responsible measures, non-compliance with which can lead to negative consequences.

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