Apartment renovation – design of stretch ceilings

It may well be that you are building a house, or you are repairing an apartment, office, then in this case you need to pay attention to the ceiling. The most creative and well-thought-out ceiling, its entire design, visually expands the space, and also creates the most comfortable feeling of coziness in harmony with absolutely the entire interior of the room. It goes without saying that such goals are very difficult to achieve if you have traditional putty and paint or lime in your hands. But with the help of the most modern and constantly improving technologies, real miracles of the entire ceiling design are possible. You are offered one of the most exclusive options – stretch ceilings that will simply transform your home, office, apartment, and other premises. All design possibilities of stretch ceilings simply exceed all expectations and wildest fantasies. All the variety of effects that are used in the technology of stretch ceilings give just a huge scope for all creative solutions regarding the design of the ceiling itself in absolutely different rooms.

If you want to fall asleep under a twinkling starry sky, then all the optical fibers that are hidden behind the stretch ceiling, as well as all the work of light filters, will create the effect of a “starry sky”. Having made a wonderful renovation of the bathroom with the help of stretch ceilings, you can always relax and feel yourself on the warm sea coast, just looking at the stretch ceiling, which is made with a wave effect. If you are developing the most original modern design for the living room or the most modern salon, then you should pay all your attention to the effect of a sloping ceiling. The canvas, which is located at an arbitrary angle, will look very extraordinary and very bold.

The spectrum of the use of “geometric” effects is also interesting and very wide. Using the effect of the cone to any ceiling, you can add a variety of decor elements, for example, lamps that are built into cones, or make the most smooth transition from the column and to the ceiling. The effect of the arch can give the ceiling the shape of a tent or dome, and with the help of a step or the most harmonious combination of all colors, you can easily create a multi -level multi -level ceiling today.

It is on suspended ceilings that all real works of art can be created, that is, the so -called “painting by light”. It is these masterpieces that are created only thanks to the optical-fiber cable. You can always apply a photographic image on the canvas of a stretch ceiling.

As you can see, the entire design potential of the stretch ceiling is actually huge. You can always use the services of a designer, as well as bring all your ideas to life. If you really want a unique ceiling, then you simply cannot find the best choice than a stretch ceiling.

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