Apartment renovation: false ceilings, space increase, tiles

Apartment renovation is a topic close to everyone

One of the most frequent queries in search engines is apartment renovation Kyiv. Kyiv is a city where life flows especially fast. Tens of thousands of people in it daily do apartment repairs, are going to do it, or are already accepting work from the craftsmen who put their homes in order.

Apartment renovation is a topic close to every adult, because sooner or later everyone has come across it. If a person after long fluctuations decided to make repairs in his apartment on his own, it will be very useful for him to find out several relevant secrets of modern repairs.

Suspended ceilings – fashionable and comfortable

At the peak of the popularity of the task of repairing an apartment are now suspended ceilings. They are often installed in private houses or apartments, but even more often in all sorts of commercial premises.

The main secret of such demand is the quick and easy installation of such ceilings. After all, everyone who started the repair of an apartment wants to finish it as soon as possible. And the false ceiling is not only quickly installed, saving valuable time, but also looks quite elegant after that.

Such ceilings are sold at a relatively low price, and if their design is well thought out, they perfectly hide various communications and provide good ventilation.

They have convenient adjustable fasteners, with which you can control the height of the ceiling. Therefore, if you need a quick apartment renovation with drastic design changes, suspended ceilings are an excellent solution.

Optical illusion to increase space

Very often, residents of apartments with low ceilings have a feeling as if the ceilings are “pressing” on them. To get rid of it, you can use another secret.

It consists in replacing the old wooden flooring with a cement screed. Saved 5-10 centimeters will visually make the ceilings higher. In addition to such drastic changes, you can also paint the walls and ceiling in light cold colors, which will visually expand the room.

Another interesting solution is sticking photo wallpapers with the image of the sky on the ceiling, which will not only make the room bigger, but also create a unique atmosphere of endless space in it. You can also play with lighting to create the desired visual effect. If the light bulbs are picked up and placed correctly, the room will look much wider.

Properly selected tiles – the key to a good repair

The range of tiles on the market right now is just huge. If the effect of novelty and fashion trends is expected from the renovation of an apartment, then it is better not to buy a classic plain flat tile.

Instead, you can choose a recently appeared embossed tile, which, with its unusual pattern, will help achieve the expected effect. The design of the apartment, which uses wavy tiles, always looks extremely unusual, and the taste of the owner of such housing is recognized as excellent.

Wavy tiles come in different colors, so with its help you can implement the most creative interior ideas into your home renovation. Thanks to this material, you can create a geometric or natural effect in your apartment, as well as an abstract or fantastic ornament.

Wavy tiles are usually chosen for their home by people who are used to taking risks, and they, as you know, almost always win.

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