Apartment renovation in a new building

Your dream has come true, and you have purchased an apartment in a new building and you are in dire need of repair? You do not know how to make your new apartment beautiful and cozy? No ideas?

contact us. Our employees are highly qualified specialists in carrying out repair work in new buildings. Thanks to us, already after a short period of time, you will be able to move into a stylish, beautiful, new apartment, where repairs are made exclusively based on your wishes.

Quality, cost and speed – that’s why we are successful.

Quality and comfort

Comprehensive apartment renovation will significantly save your money, as we provide significant discounts for a large amount of work. High-quality apartment renovation is an opportunity to feel comfortable, and for this you need to buy building material that has a quality certificate. Let such material cost more, but you will feel comfortable and cozy. The choice of such materials is an integral part of our work.

Repair Options

If you have the opportunity to make not only cosmetic, but also elite repairs, then finishing an apartment in a new building simply cannot do without the services of a professional designer. We will provide you with just such a designer who will help you create an original, but very practical interior. At the same time, not only wallpapers can be used for finishing work, stucco molding, author’s interior painting are very popular today.

Of course, the use of such services will cost more, but the interior will be very beautiful and original. Also, the decoration of a new apartment should not only be thought out to the smallest detail, but also qualitatively executed, and our masters will already cope with this. Accordingly, this is another reason to contact us.

Create an original interior using only high-quality finishing materials, we will help you choose them. After such repairs, you can be sure that such finishing materials will last for many years. In addition, appropriate materials will be selected for each room, therefore, if it is a bathroom, tiles or mosaics will be used – a surface resistant to water. Also, when carrying out repairs in a new building, it is necessary to make the right lighting, choose the flooring and, of course, do not forget that all materials must be environmentally friendly and safe. It is simply impossible to take into account so many little things yourself, so the best option to seek help from professionals, and we will help you.

Last but not least, or about our repair prices:

The construction company “Remont+” offers a full range of works on the repair of residential premises, namely:

as well as the construction of country houses and cottages.

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