Application of facade textured plaster

Facade textured plaster is the best solution if you want to improve the appearance of your home. Finishing the facade is the final touch in the repair work, which largely determines the repair as a whole. That is why it is necessary to carry out work with high quality, and specialists can do it best.

On the market of modern plasters there are a large number of manufacturers and materials that have different characteristics. To optimize the client’s repair costs, we offer high-quality materials that best meet your needs at below market prices!

Cost of work

The cost of finishing the facade of your house includes the cost of textured plaster and the work itself. Cooperation with our company begins with the visit of a specialist to the site. As a result of the visit, the client’s expectations from the repair, the scope of work, the condition of the facility are clearly defined, a preliminary estimate is drawn up, which must be agreed with the client.

Application of textured plaster

Textured plaster is used for finishing the interiors of residential and office buildings, as well as finishing the facades of buildings for various purposes. It is distinguished by high sound and heat insulation, strength, non-toxicity, durability, resistance to high humidity and fire. Due to the variety of surfaces that can be obtained using this decorative coating, the material is widely used for finishing public and residential buildings. Textured plaster can be combined with any materials, and the advantages include the fact that it can be applied in one go.

To apply textured plaster, the following tools are used:

trowels for applying and leveling the material;

rough sponges, to form an additional texture;

applicators, or textured rollers, to create a variety of decorative volumetric effects;

brushes or foam rollers to give surfaces different colors.

To give the surface of the texture, you can not use some tools, since the material already contains granules and grains of various sizes, which, when dried, give texture. On small surfaces, experts recommend using gypsum fine -playing plaster, and large -flamps are used on the surfaces of a large area, which can be combined with plaster elements of different textures.

Video material about repair using decorative plaster

Video report on repair using decorative plaster by specialists of the company “SK-REMONT”.

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Facade textured plaster has significant advantages

The use of textured plasters in the role of facade finished plasters has undeniable advantages, both in terms of technological and decorative properties:

Thanks to one operation of using facade plaster, several finishing tasks can be solved at once – there is no need to carry out a thorough finishing putty of the base, there is no need to additionally paint the plastered surfaces if colored plasters are used;

After applying the material, the surface gets an attractive appearance due to a variety of textures;

Facade coatings after plastering are highly resistant to atmospheric phenomena, mechanical strength and vapor permeability.

After the facade has been finished using decorative plasters, it receives a complete appearance, however, in order to further improve the decorative and operational qualities of the coating, it is additionally painted. It should be remembered that for painting a textured coating, when compared with smooth coatings, a larger amount of paint is needed.

If textured plaster is applied by our specialists, the cost of work will always please you, and the quality will cause respect for the qualifications of the craftsmen!

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