Balcony glazing with plastic windows: pros and cons

Today, many owners of city apartments, as well as owners of country cottages, glaze their own balconies. At the same time, most prefer to use a PVC profile. What is the reason for such popularity, and what are the disadvantages of such structures, we will consider later in the article.

Advantages of PVC windows

– One of the most important advantages of a plastic profile is its durability. High-quality equipment from a reliable manufacturer can serve its owner faithfully for more than 40 years. At the same time, it will absolutely not lose its original attractive appearance;

– Ecological cleanliness can also be attributed to one of the main advantages of PVC models. They are absolutely safe for both humans and pets;

– Huge selection. If desired, it is not difficult to choose the best option for the cost. For those who want to make a continuation of the room from the loggia, and therefore insulate it as much as possible, it is worth purchasing a three-chamber double-glazed window. Owners of balconies who only want to protect their interior from dust and precipitation can save money and buy two or one-chamber;

– Polyvinyl chloride perfectly resists all kinds of precipitation. Such equipment will not swell, deform or rust;

– Properly installed windows do not freeze even in the most severe frosts;

– Plastic windows practically do not let in noise from the street;

– Another indisputable advantage of such structures can be considered the ease of care for them. Such frames do not need to be painted or varnished like wooden ones;

– Aesthetics. PVC models are currently produced in a variety of colors. If desired, it is easy to choose a profile that will be in harmony with absolutely any interior or exterior.

But, of course, plastic windows also have their drawbacks. So:

Disadvantages of PVC models

– One of the main ones can be called the fact that these structures can interfere with normal air exchange between the interior of the loggia and the street. Although, of course, if you want to breathe fresh air, the doors can always be opened;

– Not very resistant to mechanical damage. Scratching high-quality window sills and frames is quite difficult, but sometimes it does happen. The scratch will be quite noticeable, and it is almost impossible to repair it;

– Such structures are often electrified, and therefore strongly attract dust. The hostess will have to pick up a damp rag more often;

– Price. The price for this type of glazing is lower than for wooden or aluminum equipment, but you can hardly call it budget.

Although there are, of course, disadvantages to plastic windows when applied to balconies and loggias, they still have disproportionately more advantages. Such designs are actually often chosen by the owners of loggias as the best option.

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