Basic requirements for furniture in a restaurant

If the requirements for the quality and functionality of ordinary home furniture are more or less clear: it must serve for a long time, it must be easy to wash and not be afraid of moisture, then with the elements of the restaurant or cafe furnishings, everything is not so simple. To begin with, the listed qualities of good home furniture in the case of a cafe or restaurant setting should be increased by an order of magnitude – their wear is incomparably more intense. In addition, all because of the same wear and tear, questions arise about maintainability, the ability to easily change the design and carry out redevelopment and rearrangement, strength and transportability.

Before dealing with what furniture should be for cafes and restaurants, let’s see what items the interior of the “drinking establishment” consists of.

Furnishing elements for cafes, bars and restaurants

dining groups (include tables, chairs);

serving tables on wheels (many dishes are served with their help – especially if the dish is hot or the order for one table is too large);

hangers and wardrobe accessories.

This is the required minimum, which is used in the hall and at the entrance. But you still need to remember about those working in a restaurant or bar:

shelving (for storing wines, crockery and cutlery);

bar counter and bar stools;

wine cabinet and racks for storing kegs or kegs;

kegs and roof rails (glasses and glasses are most often stored on the roof rails – in front of visitors).

Requirements for furniture for restaurant guests

Impeccable appearance is the main requirement. Getting the table and chairs to look like new is quite difficult. And a huge role here is played not only by the diligence of the employees responsible for cleanliness, but also by the work of the master who created this furniture. Let’s make a reservation that we are talking about wooden furniture – it is she who still determines the status of an institution as an elite or simply “above average”, and not plastic or furniture made of DVD and MDF.

So, ordinary furniture varnish may not withstand intensive use and simply begin to peel off. The problem is solved by using especially durable varnish coatings (matte, on which scratches and chips are not so visible), or stains that penetrate deep into the wood – even a small chip will be almost invisible on the surface of the table or bar counter. If necessary, stained wood is simply sanded – and now it looks like new.

Strength and durability are determined not only by the material – although, of course, exclusive oak furniture is stronger than lightweight poplar or linden furnishings – but also by the way the elements are fastened. If the metal fasteners fly out, then it can be difficult to restore the integrity of furniture. But a broken spike will only lead to the order of the piece of furniture on which it was milled.

And finally, let’s not forget about such quality of furniture as relevance. Furniture for restaurants to order should be made only after the master has become familiar with the style in which the interior of the institution is made. That is, for a restaurant and a cafe, only individual furniture made of wood will do, not made in a pattern, and made from scratch – starting with a sketch, color matching and a suitable type of wood.

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