Basic rules for building a bath

Not a single modern summer cottage or private house can do without a bath. Often, the owners want to build it just for themselves, and who is able to build a bathhouse as much as possible corresponding to the desires of the owner, no matter how he himself? But how to build a bathhouse, and what materials are better to use – this is one of the main questions after the building plan has matured on a piece of paper.

Basically, a good bath is built from different types of wood. Indeed, for each individual section, both one and several types of wood are suitable. Of course, manually harvesting logs for construction is not recommended, as this is a complex and high-tech process. First of all, the logs are cleaned of bark, dried, then polished, giving the optimal shape for construction. But, when drying, it is necessary to take into account the level of dryness of the wood, therefore, at least 15% moisture is left in the logs. This amount is sufficient to be used in the construction of a bath and to protect wood from cracks, deformation and premature decay.

But what kind of trees, nevertheless, is best to use? For example, for those parts of the bath that experience the greatest load, it is necessary to use oak. Because, supports, floor logs and other similar building elements need increased strength. Of course, the foundation itself can also be made of oak, but, nevertheless, it is better to use harder varieties, such as hard larch, which will help create a reliable foundation for the building. The remaining parts of the bath, as well as the upholstery itself, are recommended to be made of coniferous wood, they perfectly absorb moisture and create an unsurpassed aroma and feeling of comfort. But, do not forget about the vapor barrier protection between the internal and external walls. Since excessive moisture content of the walls dramatically reduces the level of heat retention inside the room. For this, foil, plastic wrap, glassine, hand hoist are best suited. In order to increase the level of heat retention for interior decoration, materials with a porous structure cannot be used. Also, to increase comfort, you can divide the room into several parts, such as a dressing room, directly a steam room, and equip it all with various kinds of benches, shelves, in general, the interior plays an important role in comfort. And, of course, most importantly, not a single bathhouse can do without a stove. The main criterion for the construction, which has good heat and fire insulation. Directly in the oven, there should be stones that, when heated, will retain heat and heat the air in the steam room. Often, stones of natural origin are used. They must be heat-resistant, non-toxic and retain heat for a long time. Perhaps these are the basic principles that should be observed when building a bath, for a feeling of unique pleasure and comfort.

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