Basic rules for redevelopment of apartments

Time goes by, life changes. We move in and out, break down some walls, put up others, unite apartments and break through entrances. The process is natural, but ambiguous. The constant desire to improve, from our point of view, an apartment, can turn into a serious problem in the future, both real and documentary.

This applies not only to our apartments, but also to non-residential real estate. Often, for business purposes, apartments are bought for consolidation and transfer to a non-residential fund, not knowing for sure whether this office will become convenient for work or life-threatening. The appearance of housing can be neat and clean, but do we know what is hidden under the wallpaper and floors, inside the wall partitions?

Basic rules for redevelopment of apartments

For example, houses of the late 19th and early 20th centuries often have wooden beams and ceilings. Breaking them, not knowing the structure scheme, you can bring down the floor. In addition, log structures are most likely rotten over a long period of operation and pose a serious danger. Typically, such houses require a major overhaul of the entire building. Much better for redevelopment are apartments in the so-called “Stalinist” houses, solidly and reliably built. But how to find out all the possible problems associated with redevelopment? First of all, you must adhere to the following rules:

Rule 1

If you decide to redevelop, first find out the level of technical condition of the building. It is necessary to carry out research work. If the house is not built in the coming years, you cannot get the information you need. “By eye” it is very difficult to understand which walls are load-bearing, and the strength of the entire structure of the building depends on them, and which ones simply block the room. Therefore, before drawing up even an approximate plan for the reconstruction of an apartment, you need to find out exactly what can and cannot be done.

The following works are subject to categorical prohibition:

dismantling and changing ventilation schemes;

laying a gas pipeline inside the walls, inaccessibility for servicing pipe connections;

transfer of common areas to residential premises: the kitchen cannot be transferred to the place of the living room, plumbing equipment cannot be installed;

attach the area of ​​landings to the apartment, with limited access to electrical panels, water risers;

replacement of the supply of gas pipes with flexible pipes and replacement of the gas stove independently and without the permission of the Mosgaz administration.

With the full purchase of premises in a building with a front facade, its reconstruction is possible only with the appropriate permission of the Moscow Committee for Architecture and the submission of a reconstruction project. If the building is an architectural monument, then a permit is also required to repair the facade.

After drawing up the project and receiving a technical opinion on the repair work, it is necessary to make its approval in state bodies and the Interdepartmental Commission of the municipal district. If you have any questions, please contact the city Interdepartmental Commission.

Rule 2

In order to avoid any controversial issues, first of all, carefully study the law “On the procedure for the reconstruction of premises in residential buildings in the city of Moscow” No. 37 of September 29, 1999. It describes all the documentation and approvals required for submission to the Interdepartmental Commission.

Approvals will be required from the territorial bodies of architectural supervision and urban planning – architects of district departments, the sanitary and epidemiological supervisory authority, the state fire inspectorate, the gas technical service, the housing committee, on whose balance sheet the building is located. If for normal operation in a non -residential premises or living in the apartment of this building the power grid does not satisfy, which is often found in old houses that are not designed for large electricity consumption, then you can submit a petition for the release of additional power. Explaining, at the same time, the reasons why you need electricity. With a positive decision in MSK Mosenergo, it is possible to connect a three-phase network directly to the premises. The project for permitting the supply of electrical power is pre-approved by MNIITEP. Works on conducting electricity are carried out only by an organization specializing in this type of work and having a license to perform them. Do not forget that at the stage of coordinating the project for conducting additional electrical power, you must obtain the approval signatures of all neighbors adjacent to your apartment, office, put by them in the house management with witnesses. An excerpt from the law: “The manager of a residential building and the applicant are obliged to notify the persons occupying adjacent premises about the planned activities, and, in agreement with them, draw up acts of agreement between the parties, taking into account possible compensation”. In connection with this provision, predict your actions, taking into account the holidays and summer holidays, during which it is unlikely that you will be able to get signatures promptly.

Make the required number of copies of the project and technical report in advance.

Rule 3

Plan your schedule carefully. Set aside additional time for delays that do not depend on your actions, such as: not a one-time opportunity for neighbors to sign permits, their absence, repeated visits to various commissions and committees for project approvals, etc. d.

Approach responsibly to the choice of a construction team for the renovation of your premises. A firm of builders must have a license for each type of work, professional equipment, knowledge of the features of a particular building. For example, houses made of concrete panels conduct shock and sound loads well, so the use of perforators and jackhammers can lead to damage to thin places in concrete walls, chipping of concrete parts. Therefore, consider whether it is worth hiring cheap labor from the countries of the former Soviet Union for work that is expensive in terms of materials.

Rule 4

Not only construction work should be entrusted to specialists in their field, but also the preparation of permits. Usually, the daily schedule of the head of a successfully operating company does not allow him to personally spend time on visits to Mosgaz and Mosenergo, because they can stretch for hours, days, weeks. Of course, you can entrust your deputies and secretaries. But, they, like the leader, who are not professionals, will spend a lot of extra time on paperwork. And, perhaps, they will not be able to solve all problems properly, often not only because of incompetence.

When you decide not to register a redevelopment due to lack of funds or for other reasons, do not forget your responsibility in case of any damage to someone else’s property caused by your reconstruction of the premises. If there is a complete package of documents confirming the correct redevelopment, the responsibility for any accidents with damage to third parties lies with the body that allowed this redevelopment. If there is no such permission, then you will have to restore the moral and material damage caused.

Rule 5

Do not waste your time, effort, nerves and seek help in completing all the documentation allowing you to make redevelopment from a law firm specializing in this type of activity.

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