Bathroom finishing

One of the most complex and at the same time interesting rooms in the apartment is the bathroom. Unfortunately, many leave her a secondary place in the apartment, where they run only to wash their hands, load the washing machine, throw dirty laundry. If all this is not about you, we are happy to share with you our experience and ideas about bathroom renovation.

Bath finishing: stages of work

Finishing bathrooms, despite its apparent simplicity, is a responsible process. Taking on repairs in the bathroom, you can’t get rid of just laying new tiles. When accepting an order for finishing a turnkey bathroom, the specialists of the Repair + company act as follows:

Firstly, all household appliances, furniture, and the bath itself are removed from the room. This will allow you to qualitatively remove old tiles or plaster;

Secondly, the walls, floor and ceiling are leveled if necessary. A screed is applied to the floor, which will protect the floor tiles from cracking during operation, and will also make the operation of this room much more pleasant;

Thirdly, a layer of waterproofing is applied to the entire surface of the floor, as well as to the wall adjacent to the sanitary equipment. This will protect your neighbors from possible leaks, and you from lawsuits demanding reimbursement for the cost of their repair or ceiling.

Then the laying of ceramic tiles, PVC panels, natural stone or mosaic pattern begins. Repair + specialists have extensive experience working with any of these materials, which allows them to cope with the work strictly within the agreed time.

Bathroom finishing

Small bathroom – a big field for imagination

Finishing small bathrooms often requires from the builder not only excellent professional skills, but also the knowledge of a designer and an electrician. Repair + specialists do not need them – the company already has people who can provide qualified assistance with repairs. Why is it needed? First of all, then, in order to bring out the required number of sockets for a washing machine, additional light, connecting a shower cabin, etc. d. Before starting work with electrics, the designer draws up a plan for the location on 3 “squares” of all the necessary elements: from household appliances and a shower area to storage systems.

Finishing a small bathroom makes you appreciate every centimeter and requires “aerobatics” from the designer and builders. A wide range of showers and washing machines (from traditional to small) allows you to choose the best option for your bathroom.

Convenient modern storage systems allow you to hide behind stylish facades all cosmetics, which are usually randomly located on the edge of the bath.

Finishing a small bath with the company “Repair +” will give you the opportunity to enjoy the well-coordinated work of our masters. Your bathroom will turn from a cramped space into a functional area where you will always be comfortable.

You are probably wondering “how much does it cost”?

The cost of finishing a bathroom depends on many factors and is always calculated individually. Вот лишь часть критериев, по которым мы оцениваем объем работ и сроки их выполнения:

Состояние санузла до ремонта: необходимость выравнивания стен, потолка, пола;

Потребность в замене электрики, разветвлении розеток, подключении света;

Работа дизайнера;

Стоимость отделочных материалов.

Компания «Ремонт+» предлагает услуги квалифицированных строителей для отделки малогабаритных ванных комнат. Комплексный подход и умение услышать желания заказчика – вот, что делает нас лидерами на рынке этих услуг. Check for yourself!

Стоимость наших услуг

Цены на данные работы индивидуальны ввиду разнообразия возможных вариантов. Поэтому говорить о цене ремонта под ключ было бы некорректно, но оценить примерный уровень затрат Вам позволит наш прайс-лист на отдельные виды работ.

Строительная компания “Ремонт+” предлагает весь комплекс работ по ремонту жилых помещений, а именно:

as well as the construction of country houses and cottages.

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