Biofireplace: types and distinctive features

If you want to create a comfortable environment at home, you should visit /biokaminy to buy a biofireplace in Cheboksary. Such devices have an attractive appearance, generate heat, making the room more comfortable. The use of bioetalon or alcohol as a fuel avoids the appearance of soot and other negative phenomena characteristic of the combustion process.


Depending on the installation location, a biofireplace can be:

wall mounted. Mounted on the wall. Their length usually does not exceed 1 m at a depth of 15 – 25 cm.

Desktop. Such devices are sometimes referred to as “bio-candles”. Similar models can be moved to a new location. Made in various shapes. The most common are oval, rectangular, cylindrical and bowl-shaped. To ensure a sufficient level of protection, they are protected from all sides by glass.

floor standing. Mounted against a wall or in the center of a room. Biofireplace is large. Various materials are used to make them.

Embedded. Mounted in a wall opening or in a niche. Their location is chosen at the design stage or during repair work. Heating equipment is installed in a special protective box.

corner. Biofireplace is located at the junction of two walls. The model is usually compact. Available for floor or wall mounting.

street. For their location, a site in front of the house or an operated roof is selected. Differ in significant dimensions, large weight.

The order of operation of the biofireplace depends on the control system. They are:

Mechanical. Ignition and extinguishing is carried out manually.

Automatic. Can be controlled remotely.


Distinctive features

Biofireplace is characterized by:

Environmental friendliness. Runs on environmentally friendly biofuels. The products of combustion are water and carbon dioxide. No smoke or soot.

Mobility. The device can be mounted anywhere. Some models can be moved freely from place to place at any time.

Fire safety. Biofireplace is completed with fuel blocks having a special design. You can not be afraid of an explosion, overheating of the device or spillage of eco-fuel.

Space heating. The thermal energy generated by the device is comparable in volume to the heat received from two conventional electric heaters.

Ease of use. The biofireplace must be operated according to certain rules that do not cause any particular difficulties.

Possibility of installation without a chimney or other device that provides the removal of combustion products. The installation location is selected taking into account the design features of a particular model.

Ease of care. Just need to clean up the dust.

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