Blinds and their types

Blinds – are gaining more and more popularity, becoming an integral part of the interior. Thin curtains are not able to protect the room from bright sunlight, and thick ones do not allow fresh air to pass through. Installing blinds successfully solves both problems. Due to their design, they can adjust the level of lighting.

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Depending on the type of plates and their location, blinds are divided into several types: horizontal, vertical, roller shutters, roller shutters. The plates themselves are made of wood, plastic, fabric and metal. The design of protective roller shutters is a shaft on which a continuous sheet is wound. Roller blinds have the same design, as a material for curtains, fabric or wooden plates can be used.

Types of blinds

Vertical blinds.

Installation of vertical blinds, quite suitable for offices and home interiors. The control mechanism ensures the adjustment of the optimal light output, creating an atmosphere of diffused light. The construction of vertical blinds consists of: cornice, weights, connecting chain and control chain, runners, rope to control the slats.

Fabric blinds.

From vertical blinds, fabric blinds are of more interest. Due to the transparency of the material, the light entering the room is scattered. The fabric of the blinds is impregnated with a special composition that has a water-repellent property, which allows for wet cleaning of the fabric.

Plastic blinds.

The advantages of plastic blinds are: they retain their original shape, are not subject to deformation, have a high degree of sterility, resist the absorption of dirt and odors, and UV radiation. More often, such blinds are purchased for offices and at home, hanging on glazed loggias or kitchens.

Horizontal blinds.

Horizontal blinds, more often seen on the windows of offices and houses. At home, they are hung in the kitchen, loggia or veranda. The convenience of horizontal blinds lies in the ability to keep the window sill free. Installing blinds of this type on plastic windows eliminates drilling holes.

Roller blinds.

The main structural elements of such blinds are a single piece of fabric wound on a shaft. The chain is responsible for adjusting the lifting and releasing of the web. Can be fixed to wall or ceiling. Roller blinds are best for bedrooms. Completely closing the window opening, a slight twilight is created. Roll-cassette blinds, one of the types of roller blinds. This type of blinds has a slight difference, the canvas is folded into a special cassette. Blinds are installed directly on windows of any material.

Room conditions

When buying blinds, it is necessary to take into account the conditions of the room, the size of the windows and other nuances. The overall appearance of the interior of the room depends on the correctly selected type of blinds. If the blinds are hung directly in the window opening, then the slats will occupy the window sill, and the room will visually increase. Fully closed window opening, free window sill. Carefully inspect and remove all possible obstructions that may interfere with the free operation of the blinds.

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