Blinds. Choosing a variation of materials.

Blinds. Choosing a variation of materials. SIMPLY MASTER

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Blinds. Choosing a variation of materials.

Blinds protect the room from sunlight, they can serve both for complete scattering of light and for dimming. Thus, the blinds create comfortable conditions for work and leisure. To date, there are a huge number of different types of blinds, a wide range of colors, as well as materials. You can also choose them for any interior.

Blinds can be made from different materials, but what is best to choose is described below.


Fabric blinds idea offers many decorative materials to choose from. For example, you can choose exclusive materials with transparent motifs, shiny satin vertical blinds or translucent shutters. Special blinds are recommended for office departments, which prevent sunlight from reaching the computer monitor. Most vertical blinds are hand or machine washable. Material – blades, they come in different widths: 89 mm and 127 mm and 250 mm.


Aluminum vertical blinds – this collection consists of several types. These include perforated blinds, glossy and matte slats. These blinds are very easy to clean and also resistant to moisture. Such blinds can have such widths as: 50 mm, 70 mm and 89 mm.


There is a wide choice of plastic vertical blinds. The exception is curtains made of textured material or metal, but plastic blinds still have an advantage. In addition, the collection includes transparent and perforated planks. All blinds can be easily cleaned and are also resistant to moisture. PVC blinds are available in widths of 89 and 127 mm and 250 mm. 89 and 127 mm.

There are also blinds “Monoando” mechanism and electric drive

The new “Monoando” system takes part in the sliding and rotation of the rack, only with the help of a chain. In this system, has no autonomy. But the electric drive system has a very convenient automatic mechanism, which allows you to control the system using a remote control or a control button mounted on the wall.

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