Children’s room design for a teenager

The issue of decorating a children’s room for a teenager is quite important, since the development of the child’s personality will depend on its design. It must be practical and comfortable. The design of a children’s room for a teenager has a huge impact on the desire to learn, develop their natural talents and show interest in the world around them.

Room zoning

It is at this age that stable views and value orientations are formed. Therefore, it is very important to choose such a design of a children’s room for a teenager so that it is both an office and a relaxation place where the child can be alone and relax. It will be good if the room is divided into zones: a workplace, for recreation and for entertainment.

When zoning, the following techniques are used:

– When designing the design of a nursery, you can resort to such a technique as delimiting a room into zones, you can divide the zones with painted walls or wallpaper. The territory of sleep can be distinguished by calm, unobtrusive colors that promote relaxation and sound sleep. The rest of the walls can be covered with bright colors or wallpaper with a catchy pattern.

– You can divide the room into a working area (computer, table, shelves) and a relaxation area (armchair, bed) with a screen or wardrobe.

– Zoning can also be done using lighting fixtures.

Furniture for a teenage room

The design of a children’s room for a teenager girl is better to make sophisticated and sophisticated. At this age, an important role is played by the shape of furniture, accessories, color combinations. An original soft corner with a lot of toy pillows can decorate her room. Also arranged in her room, the podium can be used to store various things and bedding. In the recreation area for the girl, you can place a small coffee table, near which there will be a soft bean bag chair or a small ottoman. An invariable element of the furniture set in the girl’s room is a mirror with a dressing table.

The design of a children’s room for a teenager boy can be done in the style of a favorite computer game or a music studio. Furniture for him is better to choose a sporty style or something from the direction of hi-tech. For small rooms, a transforming bed will be relevant – it can be easily hidden in a closet. Mobile chairs, soft voluminous bean bags will add originality to the teenager’s room.

It is better to choose the design of a children’s room for a teenager together. First, you should listen to all his wishes and preferences, and then carefully make adjustments. You may have to make sketches or pick up photos of various interiors. The most important thing is to let the child show his creative potential so that the room matches exactly his preferences.

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