Choosing a heating method for a country cottage?

Before deciding on the choice of heating option in a country house, it is important to consider some points: the presence of gas and electric lines. It is also necessary to determine the purpose of the country cottage.

Types of heating for a summer residence

Infrared heater

In the event that year-round living in the country is not expected and there are no conditions for installing gas or other heating that requires the installation of appropriate systems, it is quite possible to limit the use of infrared heaters. With their help, it is really possible to solve the problem of a heat source for a room that is not large in size.

Stove or fireplace

At all times, helping out residents of private houses who are unable to carry out gas or water heating, a standard brick stove can be a good way to heat rooms in a country house. To install a stove or fireplace, a chimney is required; there is a type of stove equipped with a chimney.

Gas and water heating

The water heating system operates according to a certain scheme, while the rooms are warmed by hot water continuously moving through the pipes. For gas heating, the use of special devices is typical, with the help of which the room is heated as a result of the use of combustible gases.

Having decided on the choice of the type of heating of the cottage in favor of the gas option, you should pay attention to the possibilities and ways to implement the task. Serious mistakes can turn into problems that are difficult to solve, therefore, at the present time, when improving country cottages, a technical inspection of buildings and structures is relevant to identify existing shortcomings in the construction and obstacles to the implementation of certain ideas.

It is important to take care of the safety of your home, so the best option would be to purchase devices that ensure the release of gas combustion products into the atmosphere without causing air pollution in the rooms. The device is equipped with a special housing (gas is burned in it) and channels through which air is supplied and heated. Thermal energy enters the room, and combustion products are removed outside through one of the channels.

Water heating in the country – quite an economical and practical option. When choosing a boiler, you should consider which of the options is more suitable: for heating water and rooms – double-circuit or with the ability to heat only the room. Pipes for water heating are placed either on the walls or under the base of the floor. The first option is acceptable if it is impossible to install water heating in the floor, especially if a high-quality repair of the rooms has already been carried out.

Any choice of type of heating can be the best way to create coziness and comfort in a country house at any time of the year. The help of specialists in this case will help to avoid many mistakes.

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