Country real estate near Kyiv.

“Pitfalls” in the acquisition of suburban housing near Kyiv.

The number of people who want to buy suburban real estate near Kyiv is growing exponentially every day. But along with the increase in cases of home purchases, the number of fraudulent transactions has also increased dramatically, and buyers themselves often make mistakes. So if you are interested in selling land in Kyiv region, you definitely need to be aware of what documents to ask the seller to present and how to make the deal as safely as possible.

“The seller has the most honest eyes”, “he showed me a notarized power of attorney”, “this is a close relative of my friends” … You can hear a lot of such “weighty” arguments from deceived people.

Most of the usual hassles when purchasing suburban real estate comes from non-compliance with very simple safety rules. There are several important points to consider when making a deal.

A rake that should not be stepped on

Of the elementary rules for buying a cottage outside the city, two are often neglected. They refer to the ownership of the house and land. The buyer forgets to make sure that the seller’s ownership of the land and the house, which must be present in order for the sale of houses in the Kyiv region to take place in accordance with all legal norms, is registered and properly executed.

Selecting a property

A common situation when a buyer of suburban real estate “turns a blind eye” to the fact that the site belongs to a potential seller not on the basis of full ownership, but, for example, on the rights of an inherited life gift. In this particular situation, the law does not give the new owner the right to dispose of this object, for example, to sell it in the future. And the contract of sale itself is unlikely to be registered on such a site.

Unfortunately, the reverse also happens. Suppose the buyer agreed to purchase a house, through a deal for the sale of the adjacent land plot where this house is located. And if the house is not decorated and registered by the seller, it will be considered unauthorized development, respectively, the new owners will not be able to register it. You will have to spend a lot of nerves, “survive” more than one court, and become a “regular” of the relevant state bodies.

Common Fraud

The most common scam that occurs when dealing with suburban real estate is the sale of houses and land under a “fake” fake power of attorney.

Having decided to purchase real estate by proxy, it is important to check its authenticity with notaries. Be sure to make sure that the principal exists (often scammers use non-existent people). You need to contact the principal and make sure that he is alive and it was he who issued the power of attorney. Be sure to specify the reasons for this act, etc. d.

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