Decided to transform my pond? Get some fish

The pond is one of the many decorative elements of the site. Many are afraid to create them, because they believe that they are very difficult to care for. They are right, caring for such decorative elements requires some skill, knowledge and skills. But after all, the cultivation of various ornamental plants on the site also required patience and skills. There is nothing the avid gardener can’t handle.

Today we will not talk about how to create a pond or what ornamental plants to use to decorate it. In this article, we will pay attention to which fish can be kept in a pond in a garden plot. Agree, fish can be the highlight of any garden. Psychologists say that watching the fish will reduce the stress and tension that you accumulate during the work process. Many people acquire summer cottages just to take a break from the noisy and dirty city there.

When breeding fish, there are many small details to consider. Firstly, when buying fish, consult a specialist and measure all the components of the reservoir (pond), measure the temperature of the water, the depth of the pond, its width. Second is acclimatization. Just like people, fish need to get used to new conditions. Thirdly, pay attention to whether there are sick individuals among the fish (they can swim in circles, rub against objects or lie on the surface of the water).

If you have a homestead residential building, the theme of water can be continued in the house. Namely, to please the youngest members of your family and buy cheap sailor furniture for children. Which will emphasize the proximity of the theme of water and reservoirs, not only in the yard, but also inside the home.

Consider those types of fish that are most often bred in such ornamental ponds:

one. Koi. For those who do not know, I can explain. Koi is one of the varieties of fish such as carps. Fishermen may have already imagined the picture. Koi are exclusively freshwater fish. Many choose these particular fish, as they are very good-natured and not afraid to swim up to people. Koi can even eat right out of your hands. These are hand fish. Koi require a fairly large body of water as they are not small. These fish are also very active.

2. Goldfish. The length of their body when kept in a pond reaches forty-five centimeters, and their weight is about one and a half kilograms. These are not the fish that are usually kept in an aquarium. They live up to 35 years.

3. Colored carp will be the highlight of the entire pond. The color varies depending on the habitat. Body length reaches 50 cm. Crucian winters at a depth of 1 meter.

If you decide to get fish, make sure that there are enough plants in the pond that this or that type of fish feeds on.

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