Diesel power plant AD-60-T400

Diesel power plant AD-60-T400 60 kW, equipped with a YaMZ-236M2 engine. This equipment is used for the purpose of supplying electrical energy, and at the same time can be operated either as a constant source of electrical energy or as a source of electrical energy in cases of power outages. Also, it should be noted that the manufacturer supplied the station not only with basic, but also with additional equipment, which significantly increases the circle of consumers who could use this power plant.

Main characteristics of the station

The output current of the unit, as mentioned above, is 60 kW, and the amount of fuel consumed per hour is 16 liters. At the same time, the maximum volume of diesel that a consumer can fill in a car is 180 liters, which means that the maximum operating time of the station, when it is fully refueled, will be approximately 11 hours.

Main Features of Engine and Generator Station

The engine capacity of the diesel generator, with six cylinders installed, is 12 cu. cm. And the engine speed is AD 60 t400 – 1500 times per minute. It should be noted that the unit is not equipped with a turbo function, but this does not affect the quality of the equipment used. The generator of the power plant with a voltage of 229/389 V has a current strength of 115.

Standard equipment

The usual factory package of a diesel power plant includes eight devices, namely a special design of the structure; advanced cooling system that protects the unit from overheating; Also a station for charging with a capacity of 60A and a voltage of 24V; A special remote control for turning on the controller of the device and much more, designed to serve the apparatus by the consumer without the intervention of technical services, which the manufacturer did not stir up, releasing the unit for sale.

Brief description of station analogues

The diesel generator of this brand has a 60 kW engine, which consumes 16 liters of diesel fuel for one hour of operation. The volume of the tank is 180 liters, which allows you to work more than 11 hours without interruption.

If we compare it with imported analogues, then it is worth noting the fact that the cost of this unit is much less, and in some cases three times cheaper! Take the Gesan DPB 65 E diesel generator, whose power is 52.8 kW, but the cost of the device is twice as high, and in terms of operating time, three hours less with a full tank. Also, the advantage of AD-60-T400 is the use of any quality of combustible fuel and oil, which will increase consumption, but will not lead to failure, which cannot be said about its counterparts.

Renting a diesel generator set of this type is a profitable solution for your business. The generator rental will be especially relevant if its short -term use is necessary.

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