DIY wall decoration

Walls are always a visible part that immediately catches the eye. Therefore, wall decoration is the main component of the entire interior. Each individual room has its own specifics, and, accordingly, the use of the necessary materials. If we consider the kitchen, then this is not only a place for eating, but also a place where we cook it, so you need to use ceramic tiles for wall cladding. But of course, the entire kitchen may not need to be tiled, it’s enough to do it where the work area is. That is, where food is cooked, dishes are washed, the rest of the walls can be diluted with cork, washable wallpaper, or PVC panels. These finishes are easy to clean and maintain. In the bathroom, where water always gets on the walls, so we choose waterproof materials here. These are PVC panel materials and ceramic tiles. The corridor and the hallway can be wallpapered, sewn up with PVC panels, decorative plaster, these materials will perfectly create a background.

At the beginning of finishing the walls, you must first align them. And so, if the walls have strong drops and irregularities, plasterboard finishing is good, but it takes up some space. If the walls are more even, then you can level with dry mixes, such as plaster and putty.

Wall painting

After we proceed to such an option for wall decoration as painting. Used mainly: water-based and acrylic paint, giving a high-quality coating. The advantages of coloring are that when adding color, decorate the walls in different colors and tones.

Decorative plaster

It’s like a new building material. This class includes coatings such as “flock”, structural plaster, stone chips. The advantages include the ease of coverage, not the fear of moisture, again with the help of tinting various colors.


This is an ancient way of decorating walls. But many types have appeared on the modern market, more details here… Paintable wallpapers are popular. Pros: rich selection, ease of finishing.

Ceramic tile.

It is durable and practical material. Main use, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Rarely tiles are laid on the floor and in the hallway. Pros, again, a large selection, not afraid of moisture, strength, practicality.

Cork flooring

Cork wall coverings are made in the form of tiles or a roll one meter wide. Not many flowers, main color is brown. Pros: soundproofing qualities, additional insulation, ease of installation.

Fabric coverings

And finally, one of the modern ways of covering walls is a fabric covering. This is a wide choice of textures and colors, ease of installation, of course, a disadvantage, high cost.

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