Do-it-yourself renovation

Everyone who is going to renovate their home, first of all, thinks about renovation. And not just about renovation, but about doing this very renovation with your own hands. The idea seduces with its relative cheapness and apparent availability. It’s no secret that we have an atavistic medieval inclination towards “subsistence” farming. “We will do everything ourselves, with our own hands – and there will be less costs, and we will be sure of the quality,” this is how the average layman thinks, unfamiliar not only with professional European-quality repair technologies, but also with the concept of what European-quality repair is.

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At its core, European-quality repair is a high-quality repair using modern expensive materials and advanced technologies. The list of renovation works traditionally includes the installation of metal-plastic or wooden double-glazed windows, modern entrance and interior doors, preferably wooden, suspended or suspended ceilings in several levels with built-in lighting, arches, parquet floors, floor and wall tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, modern plumbing and fittings. For walls, decorative plaster or the creation of special surfaces for painting is preferable.

We replace the wiring

Quite often, for renovation it is necessary to replace all electrical wiring, plumbing and sewer systems, as well as radiators. And now let’s see what from this list we can do on our own in order to make European-quality repairs with our own hands. Most likely, we will either refuse European-quality repair, or entrust it to professionals, because do-it-yourself European-quality repair is self-deception. You can do the usual repairs with your own hands by buying the necessary materials at the construction market, but even in this case it will not be cheap.

We carry out self-repair

Such an independent repair sometimes lasts for years, and when you think that everything is finally done, something is sure to peel off, fall off, fail. What kind of comfort can we talk about in such conditions? So do-it-yourself European-quality repair exists only theoretically, but in practice, what really is European-quality repair can only be done by professionals. Moreover, it is believed that a true renovation should be preceded by an individual design project. A design thought up on your own can be convenient and pleasant for the owners of the home, but it will most likely look exactly like a “do-it-yourself European renovation”.

Is it even possible to do a renovation with your own hands?? Of course, such an opportunity exists for experienced craftsmen or professionals with the necessary knowledge. But, since one person rarely manages to know and be able to do everything, then, even if you decide to do European-style repairs with your own hands, in some matters you should contact specialists and professionals.

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