Do-it-yourself soft roof repair and waterproofing? Easily!

We can not always make the roof laying with the most expensive roofing materials, although it depends on this element of the building how we will treat rain, snow or hail, how long this structural element will be used. But this does not mean that the use of cheaper material will have a bad effect on us during precipitation.

Those people who chose a soft roof appreciated its qualities, such as durability, price, environmental friendliness and ease of installation. But this does not mean that once you install soft tiles, you forget about problems with the roof. At least once a year, you will need to inspect soft tiles and eliminate any defects found. Also, several times you will have to do waterproofing. Vapor barrier and waterproofing of the roof is carried out using a material, the choice of which depends on the type of roof. For cottage sloping and flat roofs, it is optimal to buy waterproofing roofing materials in Moscow, which are produced in rolls and with which you can cover every centimeter of the surface.

Before proceeding with the repair, carefully inspect the entire surface and if you see cracks on the surface, swelling, delamination of the material, especially at the joints, moss or mushrooms, then the repair time has definitely come. Inspection should preferably be done two or three times a year. Only after the inspection is it worth purchasing materials and preparing for the repair of tiles. We will look at the most unknown option – stratification, usually people ignore this damage and pay more attention to others.

What to do when you find a bundle? If you have flaking from the base, then you need to cut the damaged piece parallel to the ridge and replace it with a new piece. When you have delamination between balls that have been overlapped, in this case the bottom surface must be cleaned, dried and the material overlapped again. We’ll also tell you about bloating, which is also not a frequent visitor in our area.

This problem occurs when the installation is incorrect, in which case it is advisable to cut the damaged area, dry it, apply mastic and glue the piece again. If you choose to repair cracks. Now consider the option of cracks, in this case you need to replace the damaged area. We want to notice. that it is advisable to carry out repairs on your own only if the damage is small, but if the damage has reached a fairly large size, then you should contact the specialists.

If you go to contact the company, then know that before the representatives of the company begin to repair, you must have a contract in your hands and clear indications of deadlines and penalties. And besides this, representatives must inspect the roof and write an appropriate act and an estimate for repairs.

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