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The best way to emphasize the status of the building is to establish elite wooden windows. For a country house resembling a palace or a small castle of a more suitable option cannot be found. But you do not need to think that the owners of city apartments are less interesting. Rather, on the contrary.

Elite structures make not only the wood from which they are made, but also the size and shape. Thanks to a successful combination of all parameters, the elegance of housing is created. Please note: it is not complemented, namely.

In the Russian market, offers of elite wooden windows can be divided into two large groups:

from official distributors of European brands;

from domestic manufacturers.

Consider the features of each of them.

About distribution of eurobrands

VIKKERS is one of the largest distributors of products of the most famous European brands. It provides the following services:





service (including post-warranty).

VIKKERS is ready to offer products from the following manufacturers:

STOLBUD (Poland) – high-tech products of the company have been known on the market for over 40 years. An excellent addition to the purchased windows are high quality, efficiency, optimal cost. To the attention of buyers, the following series of windows from this manufacturer – CAPITAL, PROFIT, PLUS, STANDART;

GALUX (Germany-Poland) – the products of this company, founded more than 25 years ago, have incorporated Polish sensuality and German pedantry. Today the company is one of the 5 largest producers in Europe. For the order, the products of the Ju-88 and Ju-88 ORO are available;

Flora (Latvia) is a young company that is 15 years old compared to the first couple. Produces high -quality products for houses and apartments using German and Italian equipment. Particular attention should be paid to the products of the Flora IV series with indices 68, 68/31, 78, 88 and 98;

Geka Exklusiv (Germany) – centuries -old traditions and innovative technologies used by the company with 80 -year experience allow it to create products of the highest degree of complexity. Its window (as well as door) designs can satisfy the requirements of the most picky buyers. In Russia, windows with a profile thickness 68, 78 and 100 mm are available for ordering. It can be both profiled and smooth;

Bocchio (Italy) – products of this company are real works of art. Completely flawless and supremely harmonious. Perhaps the whole thing is in the picturesque Lake Garda, located not far from the main office. Thanks to VIKKERS, domestic buyers have the opportunity to purchase designs from the Serramento 93 series;

Moralo (Italy) – the best fittings and types of wood used by the manufacturer are a guarantee of the high quality of any product. Quality standards strictly comply with any of their elements, including paint. The company’s products are represented in Russia by two series – Eurogreen and Euronorm;

Megrame (Lithuania) is a dynamically developing company whose products are supplied to a number of European countries. It is preferred by many modern architects. On the Russian market, it is represented by models for residential and public buildings, as well as houses with windows, whose dimensions cannot be called standard. Softline IV 78 windows are ideal for the latter.

The average cost of window structures offered by the company ranges from 12 to 50 thousand rubles for one “square”. From time to time there are special offers, using which you can buy products of interest at a lower cost.

Russian manufacturers

There are also a lot of domestic companies engaged in the production of elite windows. Surely in each region there is at least one manufacturer of this type of product.

Separately, I would like to note OKNA-NOSTRO LLC, a Moscow-based company that has been operating on the Russian market for more than 13 years. The creation of elegant wooden products for country houses and apartments is the main direction of her activity. Production facilities located on 1000 sq. meters of area, allow you to produce up to 800 square meters of blocks per month.

The high quality of manufactured products is due to the use of:

glued laminated timber, not only from pine, but also from the highest grades of larch, meranti, oak and eucalyptus;

high-quality and reliable German fittings ROTO;


aluminum outer cladding BUG;

environmentally friendly finishing materials SIKKENS.

The cost of window structures is calculated in each case individually, based on the width and height of the opening. A double-leaf window made of finger-jointed pine with dimensions of 1.4 by 1.3 meters will cost approximately 15,650 rubles. A similar product made of solid pine – from 18,000 rubles. If the material is oak, then the price increases to 29,000 rubles.

The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty for all products.

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