Fan fans

During the construction of modern fireplaces, fans were increasingly using. What is a fireplace fan?

This definition began to be called several devices that work in a single system:

– a smoke exhauster, also known as an exhaust fan, is necessary to remove gases from the chimney;

– warm air distribution fan, necessary for the heating system;

– device for supplying outdoor air to the fireplace, t. to. air burns out, it must be constantly renewed.

Let’s take a look at each device individually.

Exhaust fan for fireplace

When it is installed in the fireplace, a constant draft is provided and gases are removed from the fireplace. This fan is used both for a working fireplace and in the absence of fire in it. Usually it is mounted from above, the design of the smoke exhauster is resistant to the influence of atmospheric changes. The temperature of the gases during removal should not rise above 200⁰С. This fan is powered by electricity.

Fan for warm air distribution

Its main task is to distribute warm air throughout the premises of the house and ensure the continuity of this process, maintaining a warm temperature. It is installed next to the convector box above the fireplace insert. This fan works in conjunction with electrical appliances such as: a heat sensor, a thermostat and a timer, as well as filters for cleaning the air and valves for adjusting the flow of incoming air. Also, additional devices allow you to configure the operation of the entire system in different modes.

Outdoor air fan

This fan is designed to supply outdoor air to the fireplace and regulate the amount of air supplied, ensuring a continuous combustion process thanks to oxygen. And also the fan serves to eliminate the imbalance of air exchange in rooms with a working fireplace. It is a necessary component of the entire space heating system and compensates for the air flow that goes into the fireplace during combustion.

Among Italian manufacturers, there are firms that create closed fireplace inserts and use a fan in them as an additional option so that air enters the firebox from below the fireplace through a special grate. Under such conditions, the outside air coming from below increases the rate of combustion of fuel and firewood, and in extreme cold, condensation can form in the air ducts.

So, all of the listed fans have their own characteristics, are powered by electricity and have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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