Features and some secrets of the production technology of polymer sand materials

As a raw material for the manufacture of polymer sand tiles today, certain types of polymer waste in their most diverse forms are used. Moreover, it can be anything from ordinary plastic containers to a wide variety of packaging. This is primarily due to the fact that today almost all goods (including food) are packed in various types of polymers. The same applies to the construction industry and building materials in particular, the vast majority of which today are made from recycled plastic.

Speaking specifically about the technology and modern production of polymer sand tiles, the first thing to note is the complete absence of the need for deep sorting of raw materials and its partial cleaning. So, this process can be conditionally divided into two stages, namely the stage of preliminary processing of raw materials and the process of direct preparation of the polymer sand mass.

The first stage, as a rule, comes down to the selection and, in some way, to the sorting of plastic. Later, all selected materials are subjected to further processing, namely grinding on a crushing machine. At the same time, it should be taken into account that only the ratio of soft polymers can be considered the most ideal ratio in the process of primary processing of raw materials).

Dressing room design

When a person has a lot of money, then over time he becomes the owner of a large number of things and the question arises of a place to store them, that is, a dressing room. The dressing room is the most convenient option for storing your belongings, so huge wardrobes, which usually take up a lot of space, are a thing of the past.

The style of the dressing room can be very different and depends directly on the size of the room. Now in new buildings, wardrobes are provided for by the plan. Unfortunately, there are no dressing rooms in old houses, but you can create them with the help of redevelopment. You can allocate space for a dressing room even in a small apartment, if you correctly calculate the amount of space that you plan to spend on this room.

A dressing room can be made right in the bedroom by simply making a partition and putting all things there, or if you have a large bedroom, you can make a built-in wardrobe in niches, this can also serve as a dressing room.

A special role is played by the decoration of the dressing room. It all depends on the location of this room. For example, if the dressing room is not insulated, then its finish should match the finish of the entire room. The interior decoration of a house in Moscow is a matter for professionals, entrust it to the company “Elite Repair Studio”

The furniture that will be installed in the dressing room also plays an important role. The furniture in this room should be as thoughtful and roomy as possible, otherwise the entire dressing room will lose its capacity and, as a result, its meaning.

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