Features of automatic barriers

Automatic barrier – a fence, the functionality of which is extremely difficult to overestimate. In the territory of the residential courts, he creates parking spaces, protecting the object from car owners working in institutions located in the neighborhood. The barrier of the shopping center, restaurant or supermarket allows you to use parking for its intended purpose. It is precisely the visitors who use it. A barrier installed on the territory of an institution provides parking spaces for cars of customers and staff, and not cars of neighboring houses.

When installing a barrier on an object, it is worth understanding the features of this design and understanding the principle of its functioning.

Automatic barriers consist of an aluminum boom and a steel pedestal. It contains 4 most important structural elements: an electric motor, a control unit with a transformer, a spring and a gearbox. In some cases, control and hydraulic units, a spring and a hydraulic pump are located in the pedestal.

The task of the control unit is to receive signals and transmit commands for execution to the electric motor. The gearbox transmits power from the motor to the boom. The force of the motor increases many times (similar to the gearbox of a car). But even his power is not enough to set in motion a multi-meter arrow. Therefore, the system is supplemented by one, and sometimes two springs that compensate for the weight.

*Working characteristics of the springs must be selected for a specific boom

Barrier booms are traditionally made in the form of a round or rectangular section. The boom length can reach 12 meters. But in order to facilitate the transportation of a solid boom, manufacturers usually produce arrows with a maximum size of 6-7 meters. If a longer boom is required, the connectors for the two smaller pieces are used.

As a rule, arrows are painted in standard white color. A few years ago they were supplemented with reflective red stickers. Today you can also find automatic barriers equipped with bright LEDs installed directly on the boom.

Arrows longer than 4 meters require end support. The support can be movable or stationary. The first is attached directly to the boom, the second is on the ground. The stationary support is convenient in that it is possible to place the safety photocell transmitter on it.

Automatic barriers can be controlled both manually and electronically. The control system of these designs is identical to the automatic systems of other types of fencing. It can be both a wired keypad and a remote control. at., and a variety of locking and code mechanisms.

Thanks to simple and affordable automatic barriers, many industries have been able to streamline the traffic flow at the sites adjacent to the facility, take care of their customers (in cases of parking at hypermarkets and large shopping centers), get rid of congestion at the entrance. The convenience and simplicity of barriers leads to the fact that every day they become more and more popular at objects for various purposes.

Elena Shashko.

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