Features of parquet board scraping.

Currently, parquet is still widely popular in flooring, but certain care is required to extend the life of this flooring. Scouring is one of the main types of parquet board care.

Sanding includes the work of leveling the parquet, in which the old varnish is removed from it and all kinds of dirt are eliminated, and the work of grinding the floor, when all irregularities are smoothed out, down to the smallest. Scouring of parquet boards is done both manually and with the help of a grinder.

Before starting work on the grinder, it is necessary to fill the abrasive on its drum. It is better to start the process of sanding a parquet board with the use of the coarsest abrasive in the work – N40.

First, the floor is leveled along the wall. In this case, the width of the strip will be equal to the width of the drum – about 200 mm. Then the work area is shifted by half this width. To obtain the maximum effect from the work performed, it is recommended to carry out the strip at an angle of 45 degrees. Further, for the third time, the grinding process should take place in the direction of the parquet.

With the help of a coarse-grained abrasive, the floor is leveled, deprived of the old, worn-out coating. As it wears out, the abrasive on the drum changes, and the scraping process continues until all the differences between the parquet slabs disappear.

Having passed the stage of rough processing of the parquet board, then it is necessary to eliminate all the defects that inevitably arose after that. Now the coarse abrasive should be replaced with a fine-grained one and once again go over the entire surface of the floor with a grinder.

After that, more grinding of cracks may be required. The final sanding is done with the finest abrasive. And now it remains only to clean up and apply varnish to the flooring.

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