Features of sketch projects.

Subtleties of architectural design.

The construction of a country house includes various stages and on each of them the future owner of the house strives to minimize expenses, which is natural and understandable to everyone. However, at one of the stages, namely, on the creation of a project of a house, it is impractical to save, if not, it is harmful.

The costs of developing a full package of project documentation for the construction of a house are usually from five to ten percent of the total construction cost. Having in hand a full set of design documentation, the customer is able to evaluate the final result, sequence and, to some extent, the timing of the work. The ability to get acquainted with a project on paper or on a computer screen is always much cheaper than searching for a solution to problems and experiments directly at the construction site. The architectural design of any structure includes the required number of stages, each of which aims to solve very specific problems and become the basis on which the further efforts of the project developers will be based.

At the first stage of building design, an architectural idea of ​​a future structure or a project proposal is formulated. During this period, with the help of an architect, the customer determines the nature of the future building. An architectural idea can be reduced to a few photographs or freehand drawings of the whole building or some fragment of the building, which will allow the architect to determine the style of the building planned for construction. But it is possible to create a series of well-developed sketches, which allows us to talk about preliminary design, although these works, as a rule, are not divided and they constitute a common (initial) stage when creating a project.

Draft designs of houses are characterized by a deeper study of architectural drawings. The list of documents that make them up is determined by the complexity of the building being designed and the terms of reference formulated by the customer.

As a rule, the draft design determines the facades, color scheme, the overall dimensions of the house and premises, floor plans, the roof structure and the building materials used. In addition, at the stage of preliminary design of a house, the features of the house design (foundation, walls, engineering systems) can be discussed and sketches of non-standard products provided for by the project, which can be forged or carpentry elements, parts of facades, etc.

Draft designs of country houses and other structures are not always the result of a specific client’s order. Often architects use the creation of a preliminary design as a means of demonstrating creativity and their capabilities to a potential customer. That is why at various architectural competitions, as a rule, preliminary designs of buildings are presented.

Prior to the start of work on the individual design of any building, including a country house, an agreement is concluded between the architect and the customer, which formulates the wishes of the customer, determines the composition of the set of developed documents, the deadlines for submitting the developed documents. The contract can be signed for the execution of all works on the design of the building. However, signing a contract only for the implementation of a preliminary design will allow you to assess the professional level of the architect and, if it does not meet your requirements, avoid further cooperation without much hassle.

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