Home pool and lighting

A home swimming pool is an excellent remedy for saving in the summer heat, an opportunity to freshen up and gain vigor. But to all his obvious purposes, he can proudly add one more thing – this is an attribute for creating a unique home design. Underwater LED lamps will help to properly emphasize the beauty of the curves of walls and decorative elements.

The right choice of pool lighting is so important that it can be put on a par with the installation of pumping equipment or treatment systems. The site team will be happy to help fulfill any desire of its customer, starting from the stage where design, consultation and high-quality project development are required, ending with installation and repair.

A wide range of LED lights for swimming pools and fountains is presented. Luminaires have a different price range depending on their capabilities and technical characteristics. Among the presented goods you can find such reputable companies as: Ocean LED from Philips; Pahlen and Fitstar.

All lighting used for swimming pools is divided into three types:

– underwater lighting with conventional light sources, which requires significant energy costs, and is also associated with certain difficulties during installation and operation;

– local LED lighting used to illuminate decorative elements;

– contoured pool LED lighting designed to ensure safety and complete the design of the pool structure.

Lighting equipment must be protected from moisture ingress into its housing, protected from corrosion, and it must also ensure reliable operation at different ambient temperatures. When the equipment is located at the bottom, it must also withstand a sufficiently large pressure of the water column, which is also important to consider when choosing it.

Before installation, you should work out the project and select equipment in accordance with the required characteristics:

-case material;

-number of LEDs;

-total power

-number of operating modes;

-glow brightness;

-product dimensions.

Today, most LED lamps are capable of changing color. So when using different color schemes, the water can be dyed any color, which will turn an ordinary bathing experience into something fantastic.

The latest technologies have the ability to change the lighting scheme on the same lamp, which greatly simplifies the task and should be taken into account when choosing equipment. In addition, if you program the lighting system in a special way, the water will change its color depending on the rhythm of the music and its tone.


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