Hookah: how to choose?

Big and small. Elite and budget. Expensive and cheap. Traditional design and surprising bright innovative solutions. Produced by local craftsmen and brought from distant countries.

The range of hookahs is truly impressive! And in this case, how not to get lost in the stunning diversity? How to buy what you really need?

In order not to make a mistake with the choice and purchase exactly the hookah that you need, clearly formulate for yourself why you need this smoking device and what you want to see in the end.

Purpose of buying a hookah?

First you need to decide on the purpose of the miracle unit, the vocation of which is to give smoky pleasure. Perhaps you choose a hookah for a public institution: bar, restaurant, club, etc. d. Or for personal use in a cozy home environment.

Or maybe you are planning to go on some boring trip with the device? Accordingly, the requirements for each instance will be different.

For example, a hookah that will go with you, say, to nature, must have such characteristics as compactness and mobility. It is desirable that the model be collapsible and supplemented with a special case for the convenience and safety of transportation.

When buying a hookah, you should consider how many people you expect. If you smoke individually, then a sample of medium height per pipe will do.

If you plan to gather friends, then you can safely take a copy of a more impressive size, in which there will be not one hookah pipe, but two or more.

When you have decided on the general parameters, pay attention to such important points as the material from which the parts of the hookah are made, the quality of the device, cost, manufacturer, etc. d.

The nuances of the right choice

If you choose between a well-known, trusted manufacturer and “made in China”, then, of course, you should give preference to a product that has proven itself among connoisseurs of hookah art.

If you choose and buy a pipe for a hookah, then the best option is a pipe made of food grade silicone. This modern material has ideal (as for hookah pipes) properties: it does not absorb odors and is extremely easy to clean.

If you choose a hookah cup, then the most practical is ceramic. It absorbs less smell, retains heat well, warms up evenly, and is easier to care for.

If you consider a hookah not as a source of relaxation and smoky pleasure, but as an element of decor (this happens), then, of course, the utilitarian component can be neglected. When making a choice, start solely from the appearance of hookahs. Other specimens look very colorful and will certainly become the highlight of your interior.

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