Houses from aerated concrete

Any structure cannot be built on its own without certain knowledge. It is simply impossible to do high quality and reliably.

The choice of area and planning of the house should be accompanied by the following factors:

– characteristics and properties of the territory on which development is planned;

– functional;

– Composition and number of family.

Today, a large number of organizations operate on the construction market to provide such services that have many projects of various areas and from various building materials, including houses from aerated concrete, gas blocks, bricks, foam blocks that provide good heat – and noise -insulating characteristics of buildings, which is very relevant For families with a small child. Many builders recommend a turnkey aerated concrete house whose price is lower than that built according to a similar project from other wall materials. Meanwhile, houses made of aerated concrete are warmer and of higher quality.

The most popular are projects made of aerated concrete, which involve organizing sufficient space for each family member at a low cost of construction work. After all, the presence of their own personal space in the house for each person makes it possible to rest in a relaxed atmosphere after a hard day’s work or long lessons at school.

An important advantage of such projects is the ability to revise the cost of construction work, since it is the choice of material for the project that determines the cost of construction.

It is also possible to choose a one-story or two-story project with an attic. The second option involves a significant reduction in the area of ​​the required land plot while maintaining the same area of ​​housing. In addition, it has long been calculated that the cost of 1 square meter of a two-story house is significantly lower than that of a one-story building. A significant part of the land will be freed up for economic needs.

In addition, this approach allows you to implement all the planned architectural and design ideas.

House up to 200 sq.m. itself is compact, which allows you to step back a bit from taking into account the landscape as the most important criterion. A small plot of land will be enough to accommodate such a house.

Along with all the advantages of the project, there is a real opportunity to provide comfortable living by building all the premises with significant cost savings. For a long time, practical experience has refuted the opinion that a large area of ​​\u200b\u200bhousing and many rooms do not guarantee a comfortable stay. The criteria for the formation of comfortable and cozy housing are well-thought-out design solutions, design and consideration of the interests and preferences of future residents.

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