How profitable to rent an apartment or house?

If you are one of the lucky people who inherited or gifted an apartment or a country house, or maybe you had the opportunity to simply buy additional real estate, know that now you can receive a stable monthly income with little to no effort.

As you know, real estate is not only the best investment of money, but also an excellent source of income. Whether it is a country house or an apartment, you can always rent out your property. For how long is up to you. The classic lease agreement is usually for one year with the possibility of further extension, but other options are always possible. The question immediately arises of renting an apartment or house on your own, or is it better to do it through a real estate agency, using the services of professionals? Of course, there are people who do not trust anyone and believe that no one can cope with the task better than themselves. But, if you are interested in obtaining a stable maximum possible monthly income, security and protection from fraudsters, as well as in the fastest and most optimal way to rent out your property, then you should definitely use the services of a real estate agency.

Professional realtors will help you resolve the issue with the assessment and presentation of your real estate, will assume all issues related to the placement of information in open and closed specialized sources, communication with potential customers, showing an apartment or house that you plan to rent (for country real estate is especially this relevant, because far from always you will always have the opportunity to spend quite a lot of time on the road there and back to simply show your home), and they will also help you draw up a lease and advise on all the issues that arise in the process of renting out the apartment. At the same time, the agency’s services will be completely free for you, as they are fully paid by tenants.

A professional realtor will tell you how best to prepare an apartment or for rent, whether it is worth making repairs, buying additional furniture and appliances in order to increase the value in the rental housing market. And also take professional photos for your portfolio to attract as many potential tenants as possible. In addition, the authenticity of documents is checked for all agency clients, which is another guarantee of your safety.

You will be able to receive an amount equal to the payment for the first and last month of residence immediately at the time of the conclusion of the lease agreement and discuss the most optimal ways to receive monthly payments in the future. The lease agreement also necessarily indicates your and the tenant’s passport data, lists the furniture and appliances that are present in the leased property, rewrites the meter readings, fixes the payment schedule, and also prescribes the rights and obligations of the parties. Such a lease agreement will be an official confirmation of an additional source of income for you, which will allow you to easily obtain both a tourist visa and apply for a bank loan.

So, let’s summarize why it is more profitable to contact a real estate agency when renting an apartment or house, and not look for clients on your own? Firstly, you receive a guarantee of complete security and an official document in the form of a lease agreement, which insures you against various disputable situations. Secondly, you will be able to rent out your property as soon as possible on the most favorable terms for you, choosing from all possible potential customers those that suit you best. Thirdly, you will be relieved of the need to spend time showing the object to be handed over and solving organizational issues related to this. In any case, the final decision is yours.

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