How to buy property in Cyprus and recommendations

Have you decided to buy an apartment in Cyprus? This is a serious financial investment that requires a responsible approach.

Browse properties for sale in Cyprus to find the right option for you. Let us consider the features of resolving the issue of purchasing real estate in more detail.

Stages of buying an apartment in Cyprus

You should understand the main stages of purchasing housing on the island. Among them:

  1. Budget calculation. Determine how much money you are willing to spend on buying an apartment. Don’t forget about various additional costs (taxes, agent commissions, etc.).
  2. Market research. Check out prices, areas, supply and demand. Knowledge of the Cyprus market will enable you to make a more informed decision.
  3. Selecting a property: Decide on the desired characteristics of the apartment (number of rooms, area, view, infrastructure).
  4. Finding a real estate agent. Contact a licensed agency for assistance in finding and purchasing an apartment.
  5. Checking legal aspects. Make sure the property has a clean legal status. Check that you have all the necessary documents and permits.
  6. Signing of a preliminary agreement. Conclude a preliminary agreement to purchase an apartment and make a deposit.

Then you need to collect documents to complete the transaction (passport, marriage/divorce certificate, income certificate). Sign the real estate purchase and sale agreement and pay the remaining amount.

Basic rules for buying an apartment in Cyprus

It is worth understanding the basic rules for purchasing housing on the island. The most important points:

  • contact only licensed real estate agents to avoid fraud;
  • carefully check the legal status of the property and its ownership history;
  • be aware of additional expenses to fit into your existing budget;
  • if you plan to use a loan to buy an apartment, study the conditions and requirements of banks in Cyprus;
  • if you are a foreign investor, familiarize yourself with the legislation on international investments on this island;
  • if necessary, contact a lawyer or attorney for advice and assistance in completing the transaction.

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