How to choose LED lamp?

As time goes on, there are more and more products of the same groups on the market, the same applies to LED office lamps. But each of the options has its pros and cons, they differ in price, design, characteristics.

First, let’s get acquainted with the main parameters of LED lamps:

First: luminous flux. It is a measure of the amount of light emitted by a lamp. Accordingly, the higher the indicator, the more light is emitted from this source. Designation “Lm”.

Second: power consumption. The higher this parameter, the more electricity the lamp needs to work, and this translates into money. Designations “W”.

Third: light output. This parameter is calculated by dividing Lm by W, the resulting value will show the energy efficiency of the lamp. Simply put, it will show how much light the device emits per watt. Many recessed fixtures have a low light output, so they consume a lot of electricity for less light. Here the advantage is kept by LED lamps, the price of which is falling, and savings on energy consumption will begin pretty soon.

Fourth: light intensity curve. Shows the distribution of light. When choosing a device for this parameter, you must consider what direction you need. If for work at the table, then the light should be spotty, but for lighting the whole room it should have a wide power curve.

Fifth: color temperature. It is measured in degrees Kelvin, so that the light is pleasing to the eyes, you should choose a lamp with a value of less than 4000K, the lower these values, the warmer and softer the light emitted. The lower the color temperature, the more expensive the lamp.

Sixth: light transmission index. In order for the light produced by the lamp not to distort the colors of the illuminated objects, this indicator must be more than 75. Designation “Ra”.

Seventh: LED manufacturer. So that the quality of the LEDs does not fail, it is worth choosing the manufacturer who is already well-known. Large companies have the means and capabilities to conduct complex tests, they identify weaknesses and correct them, unlike their Chinese counterparts, a one-day firm that will close in a couple of months. There is no certainty that the tests before the sale of the goods were generally carried out by such manufacturers.

Eighth: efficiency, if you want to use all the power consumed, then this figure should be more than 80 percent.

Ninth: the number of LEDs and their sizes. You should not pay attention to this parameter at all, many do it by mistake, taking a large number of LEDs or their size as a plus.

Now you can choose a good lamp that is right for you.

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