How to choose workwear.


Fashion dictates its own rules both on the catwalk and in everyday life. We have long been accustomed to this.

Even the cheapest suit or dress bought at the nearest clothing market tries, although often quite ugly, to repeat the patterns of famous designers, as they say, “to be in the stream”. This also applies to buyers of relatively expensive “replicas”, which are often undoubtedly better in quality.

Like it or not, we encounter fashion every day, not only clothes and accessories, but hairstyles and even furniture, cars and much more are subject to its trends.

It would seem that in the daily bustle, the criteria for choosing clothes for us is, first of all, practicality and convenience, and, of course, these things are far from the models shown at high fashion shows. But on the other hand, not everyone today dares to wear a blouse from the 70s or a tracksuit from the 90s, because they clearly understand that they don’t go like that anymore.

In general, whatever you say, but life urgently requires us to give in to fashion trends, regardless of whether you are a creative person or a complete conservative.

And if you remember those people who work in uniform or so-called overalls. Firefighters, security guards, medical workers, miners and builders, sellers and railway workers – and this is just a small fraction of the professions, whose representatives are constantly dressed in work clothes. A necessary attribute of many of them is the availability of various personal protective equipment. Can such clothes look elegant and stylish??

In the heyday of the USSR, overalls in Kyiv and other cities of the country were sewn according to strictly regulated rules. There were clearly defined rules for the issuance of such products, as well as the production, distribution and accounting of personal protective equipment.

The dashing 90s brought confusion and some chaos to this industry, however, as in all areas of our life. But at the same time, at this time, people were able to see imported overalls, shoes and PPE. In addition, everyone has the opportunity to choose among the variety that has arisen.

At the same time, to date there are no uniform standards and a list of the main criteria by which work clothes are selected.

Existing companies are being forced to be remarkably resourceful when acquiring personal protective equipment within their approved budget.

In fairness, we must admit that the fashion designers of companies focused on the production of such products are not sitting idly by.

Their efforts are manifested in a huge variety of variations and styles, overalls, work suits, aprons and gowns, and other overalls, color palettes, various fabrics and accessories, and other details that take into account the claims of the customer.

Creating a modern working suit is not an easy task, because the uniform must organically combine the requirements of comfort, convenience and protective functions, and also have a good aesthetic appearance.

Therefore, it is worth buying it only from the most reliable suppliers.

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