How to protect your interests in a conflict with neighbors during repairs

Living in an apartment building is often accompanied by the possibility of misunderstandings between residents, which sometimes turn into open conflicts. The reasons for this can be very diverse, therefore, in order to protect yourself from such situations, you need to know your rights and obligations, as well as be aware of the principles of the modern legislative framework.

Knowing all these rules will protect you from unnecessary disputes and help prove the groundlessness of the arguments of the neighbors if they contradict all the written norms. However, often people do not know all their duties and rights, which leads to negative consequences.

Almost always, apartment owners carry out repairs at a convenient time for them and do not think that this parameter is also fixed in the legislation. All such work is allowed to be carried out from 9 am to 7 pm, and only on weekdays. Therefore, when carrying out repairs at other times, the neighbors can safely complain, and in this case they will be absolutely right. Do not be surprised if one day a district police officer comes to you, who was called by disgruntled neighbors about the violation of the silence. In this situation, it is useless to argue with law enforcement agencies, since such conflicts can provoke undesirable consequences.

Many people think that they can do absolutely all types of repairs in their apartment. However, the legislation states that, at will, only cosmetic repairs are allowed. Renovation requires knowledge of several rules, since such a scope of work is almost always combined with redevelopment, for which it is necessary to obtain permission and then coordinate it with government agencies. Such actions include expanding doorways, combining a toilet and bath, demolishing walls. There is a small minus in all this: the implementation of redevelopment requires spending considerable time to prepare the relevant documents. However, otherwise, there is a possibility of damage to the load-bearing elements of residential premises, as a result of which the entire residential premises may collapse.

Redevelopment is usually the main source of conflict situations with neighbors. To start it, coordination with the house management, the chairman of the housing cooperative is required. Otherwise, at any time, representatives of the state inspection for housing issues can drop in on you. In the future, you still need to agree on a redevelopment project. To do this, you can conclude a contract with representatives of a law firm who will take on all the necessary scope of work. But first you need to get a special technical opinion, which will confirm the right of redevelopment.

Upon presentation of these documents to the housing inspection, you will receive the necessary time for final approval.

Any refurbishment of residential premises, which relates to communication issues, also requires coordination. This procedure is required even for installing an air conditioner on the facade of a building.

Any complaints from neighbors must be filed in accordance with the law, verbal claims and attempts to enter the apartment, you are not required to accept. Otherwise, they violate the right to the inviolability of the home.

Often there are conflicts between the owners of non-residential premises on the ground floors and their neighbors. The reason for such phenomena is the excessive noise that arises from the placement of entertainment facilities (clubs, restaurants) here. The result of these conflicts is the closure of such establishments by the owners, which brings them considerable damage. Sometimes there are other situations. Neighbors want to get rich at the expense of such neighbors and therefore resort to blackmail with the help of various complaints. A sufficient number of extortions of this kind are known. Therefore, when looking for premises for a business, you need to carefully think and weigh all the factors so as not to incur losses due to such neighbors. Therefore, in such situations, it is necessary to seek the help of specialists. Any conflicts, as you know, can be resolved through negotiations, during which compromise solutions are usually found that suit both parties.

Any such situations, provided that your actions do not contradict the law, can be resolved with the help of a court, in which you can file a lawsuit against your neighbors for causing material and moral damage.

If it is impossible to cope with conflict situations on your own, you need to contact a law firm that will most effectively help resolve all problems without a significant waste of time and your health.

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