How to wash a plastic window sill from stains and dirt?

The surface of plastic window sills often has a matte surface with a slight roughness, which allows grease, dirt and water from flowers to heavily contaminate it. Over time, the window begins to lose its novelty because of this. How to wash a plastic window sill and how to simplify this process?

When installing windows, it would be useful to get advice from the craftsmen who made and installed the plastic window. Since they know the manufacturer and the characteristics of the material. Ways to care for a plastic window sill can be divided into two types – these are professional and folk remedies.

Professional plastic window sill cleaners

Periodically, each housewife starts a general cleaning during which the question arises of how and with what to wash plastic window sills. Light dirt on glossy surfaces can be easily removed with soapy water and a soft sponge. Not bad breaks down fat ordinary dishwashing liquid. For glossy surfaces, in no case should cleaners with abrasive inclusions be used, as they scratch and spoil the appearance of the window sill.

However, for ingrained dirt on a rough surface, this method will not help, since when washing, small pores become even more clogged. Therefore, you will have to resort to more serious means.

Before washing a plastic window sill with roughness, its surface will need to be pre-soaked with plain water and left for a while. And only then apply the cleanser. For the best effect, you can use a metal sponge, but in this case you need to be careful not to damage the surface. It is recommended to finish washing the window sill, also with plain water.

The following cleaning solutions have proven themselves well for cleaning:

– Domestos – perfectly whitens and refreshes the window sill.

– Mister Proper – quickly removes simple dirt.

– Cillit – will be useful in the presence of rust spots on the surface.

– Sanita white – a liquid solution that is convenient to apply with a spray. Spray and leave for a while, then wipe the window sill well.

Budget options for washing a plastic window sill

How to wash a plastic window sill if professional products are not at hand?

– Very well in such cases, gruel from grated laundry soap, unused remnants and washing powder helps.

– Proven remedy – tooth powder and chalk.

– Vinegar Soda. Sprinkle baking soda on the surface and wipe with vinegar.

If none of the options helped you, then you can stick a white self-adhesive film on the windowsill and change it periodically.

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