Installation of a stretch film ceiling

Stretch ceilings made of vinyl film or synthetic fabric offer many advantages over other known surface finishing methods and technologies. A variety of appearance is provided by a large selection of colors and textures of the material of the canvases, designs can be made in multi-level versions with the creation of unusual three-dimensional figures.

Various beautiful images can be applied to the film and fabric, corresponding to the purpose of the room according to the theme. Stretch ceilings have an almost unlimited service life. The entire structure is made of synthetic materials that do not corrode, do not crack or burst, they are not afraid of temperature changes, mold and fungi cannot form on the surface, and even dust does not collect on it. For many decades, such ceilings do not require cosmetic repairs. Canvases do not sag and do not lose their colors.

But the main advantage, which is very much appreciated by customers, is the simple and quick installation of the structure, which does not require preparatory work on the old surface.

Consider the main stages of installation of a film stretch ceiling and its technological features.

After a thorough measurement of the room, by the way, this procedure is free, it is necessary to free half a meter space along the walls of the room from furniture elements. This is necessary for free access for masters when installing the mounting frame (profile, baguette). It is not worth taking out all the furniture and property, you can just move it to the center. If the customer does not have the opportunity to do this on his own, then it is necessary to warn the measurer about this so that the masters do it themselves, and at the end of the work they put everything in its place;

The mounting profile is fixed along the perimeter of the room at a distance of 3 cm from the surface of the old ceiling. This minimum is just due to the width of the baguette. When fastening, self-tapping screws are used, and the space between the frame and the wall is sealed with glue;

The vinyl sheet is made according to the drawing, which was made by the measurer, but with one feature. With the help of a special program on a computer, the size of the canvas is reduced in area by 7-10%. The web itself is welded from separate rolls using the HDTV (high frequency current) installation. The seams are very thin, strong and hardly noticeable, since welding takes place at the molecular level. The seam itself is in no way inferior in strength to the film material itself. Along the entire perimeter of the web, a harpoon is additionally welded – a tape with a special profile along the edge, which in its shape exactly matches the groove in the installation profile. Hence the very technology of installing the film web was called the “harpoon” or “hot” method;

When the frame is installed, all windows and doors are closed and the air in the room is heated to a temperature of 40 degrees C using a gas heat gun. After that, the delivered finished canvas is carefully unfolded and fixed in a profile at the corners of the room. Heating continues to 60 degrees C, so that the film softens and becomes very elastic, increases in area. This allows you to freely fill the harpoon into the groove of the frame. Gradually cooling down, the film tends to shrink, return to its previous dimensions and stretch evenly, forming a perfectly flat surface;

The canvas is constantly in this state for the entire service life. At the same time, he is not afraid of the shrinkage of the building. Its surface will always be smooth, without folds and wrinkles;

The time required to install a film stretch ceiling is about 3 hours for any room in the apartment. This period may be longer if a complex, multi-level structure is being mounted. For each volumetric element in this case, it is necessary to install additional frame elements, and these can be any curved surfaces and a rather complex configuration. Of course, the cost will be much higher. For guidance: the price of an economy-class film is in the range of 250-280 rubles per square meter. It includes: calling a measurer, making a canvas, the cost of component materials and installation work;

Upon completion of the installation, the customer does not have to clean the premises. No debris, scraps of material will remain. In one day, the installation team of Asta M can install single-level stretch ceilings in two or three rooms of a standard apartment. We advise you to immediately choose this option, because discounts are provided for such volumes of orders.

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