Installation of security and fire alarms – stages, cost

In any room requiring a special level of security, the installation of a security and fire alarm is required. It can be production, commercial and household objects.

Special sensors installed in the most vulnerable places – safe, hatches, windows, doors – provides proper protection of a particular object.

The installed system will reliably protect any room not only from the illegal penetration of outsiders, but also from emergency situations: smoke, flooding, fire.

Stages of organizing systems

Competent installation of security alarm systems is carried out in several stages. At the same time, it should be noted that each project is purely individual, since its development takes into account the specific features of a particular territory of the object. The tasks that the customer sets for the contractor and the budget of the work are also important. The first stage of development is a site visit for the purpose of inspection and preliminary diagnostics.

After the study, the approximate scope of future work is determined and a cost estimate is drawn up. Thanks to the latter, the customer has an excellent opportunity to control the progress of the installation process.

It is clear that the maintenance of the installed system is no less important than its installation. It implies the provision of technical support, thanks to which the alarm will work properly. Usually, maintenance is carried out on the basis of a contract concluded for a period specified by the parties.

Installation work should be carried out only by specialists of high engineering qualifications. Having some experience in performing similar tasks and well-informed in the field of modern solutions and the latest technologies. Of course, the executing organization must have a license to install a security alarm. It would be more accurate to say admission to construction work. It, in turn, can be obtained by entering into a non-profit partnership that has the status of an SRO (self-regulatory organization).

What is the price

And now let’s see how the cost of installing a security alarm depends on the object on which it is installed.

The category up to 5,000 rubles includes:

apartments in high-rise buildings – from 600

cottages – from 1 500

garages – from 3 000

Gas station – from 4 000

retail facilities (tents, pavilions, kiosks) – from 4,000

administrative and managerial and cultural and educational facilities – from 4,000

From 5,000 to 10,000 rubles:

storage facilities – from 9 000

offices – from 6 000

facilities for the storage of poisonous and narcotic substances – from 7,000

banks without keeping money and valuables – from 8,000

objects with storage of jewelry, rare and precious stones – from 8,000

Over 10,000 rubles:

objects with ammunition and firearms – from 17,000

banks with storage of funds and valuables – from 11,000

banking institutions (depository, perimeter, front door) – from 17,000

Russian legislation defines a list of buildings and structures, the owners of which cannot do without the installation of a security and fire alarm. We are talking about production workshops, warehouses, other utility rooms. By the way, since 01.05.2010 mandatory presence of a fire declaration at the facility. His absence, according to the provisions of the Code of Administrative Offenses, is punishable by large fines. In particular, a legal entity may be fined in the amount of 3-5 thousand rubles, and an official – in the amount of up to 500 thousand rubles.

Private housing is not included in this list. At the same time, it is highly desirable to equip it with a system of the described class. Especially if we are talking about suburban housing: houses, cottages.

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