Installing a security alarm in an apartment

Experts say that installing a security alarm in an apartment is the installation of the simplest type of protective equipment. Compared to other security systems, it is characterized by the most simplified structure.

The main task of the alarm system is to detect illegal entry into a dwelling with subsequent notification of this fact to the owner of the apartment, as well as to the security company. The process looks like this.

The burglary signal is sent to the control panel of the organization protecting the home, and it sends a rapid response team to the site. In some cases, the owner of the apartment is notified in parallel.

Equipment types

An organization that installs a burglar alarm in an apartment can perform the work of installing three different types of systems. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages.

The most common type of equipment – console security. In this case, the alarm signal is transmitted to the control panel, after which the operator of the security company takes appropriate measures.

Telephone type alarms are also widespread today. Most of them are equipped with several sensors that are configured to capture changes of a different nature. One, for example, monitors the concentration of gas and gives an alarm in the event of a leak, the second – reports a fire, the third – about an attempt to illegally enter a home, and so on. Alarm signals are transmitted to the appropriate services.

The latest generation of alarm systems that perform their functions using GSM. In this case, the signal is transmitted via SMS messages.

Which type to choose?

When choosing the optimal system, several factors are taken into account. In particular, the planning and architectural features of a particular apartment and the number of security sensors (devices) necessary to ensure control of the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe dwelling are of great importance.

Obviously, the installation of systems can only be entrusted to experienced highly qualified specialists with all the necessary permits and permits. Only a competently drawn up plan and special knowledge will allow the equipment to effectively cope with the duties assigned to it. By the way, in many respects the efficiency depends on the timely maintenance of the system.

How much will it cost?

We note right away that the price of a security alarm for an apartment includes a one-time payment for installation and a subscription fee for home security.

For example, a standard (basic) set of equipment with the ability to transmit a GSM signal will cost 14,200-21,200 rubles. It includes:

Motion Sensor


door opening sensor


backup power supply

Please note: the cost declared by the installation contractor includes all the necessary components and materials, installation of the system, connection to the security console. Usually installation is done in one step. But if the apartment is being renovated, then the number of stages doubles.

What is included in the subscription fee for the security of the apartment? Here we say:

on protection against unauthorized intrusions – 790 rubles per month;

on protection against attacks (responding to an alarm button) – 300 rubles;

emergency and fire safety – 200;

notification via SMS-messages – 300.

Thus, in total, the security company needs to pay 1,590 rubles per month. Usually, traffic via the GSM channel is included in the subscription fee. As for the telephone line traffic, the owner of the apartment pays for it separately.

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