Installing stretch ceilings yourself

If the installation will be carried out using a heat gun, then it is first necessary to remove all those items that may be damaged as a result of thermal heating. If a seamless construction is mounted, it does not require heating. In this case, it is enough to remove only those items that will interfere with work. If there are holes in the building ceiling structure, they must be sealed to prevent drafts. In the event that not yet dried wallpaper is pasted in the apartment and you wish to mount stretch ceilings, installation can be carried out only after a couple of days.

After preparing the premises, the installer will have to install a baguette, for which the canvas will then cling. Baguette is aluminum or plastic. Various manufacturers talk about “innovative methods of fixing their own development”, but de facto these methods are not much different. Further work is to determine the horizontal using a laser or water level. According to the level in the corners of the room, marks are set, which are connected with a chopping cord with a dye. It is necessary to try so that the installation of stretch ceilings is carried out as close as possible to the original structure, but no more than the width of the baguette. The chopping cord is pulled between the marks, pulled back and released – an even trace of paint will remain on the wall.

Holes for dowels or self-tapping screws are drilled in the baguette every 15-20 centimeters. From the edge of the profile you need to retreat no lower than 5 cm. Having decided to install stretch ceilings Rostov, you need to pay attention to the material from which the walls are built. For brick, stone, concrete structures, additional funds are not required, while for wooden and plasterboard structures, additional profiles are required. Self-tapping screws are screwed into them to fix the baguette. In this case, the self-tapping screws should protrude from the profile of the wall frame structure by 1 cm.

The length of the wall is measured with a tape measure, a baguette is cut along its length. If the profile is shorter than the wall, then two profiles will be spliced ​​with the edges washed down at a 45-gauge angle. Similarly, profiles are sawn when they are joined at the corners of wall structures. At the same time, the angle of 45 degrees is maintained only if the corners of the room form strict perpendiculars. In practice this rarely occurs. When the profile is cut, it is processed with fine sandpaper.

Particular care should be taken to unfold the canvas. Opening the package is allowed only in conditions of an elevated temperature room – 40-50 degrees Celsius. Air heating to this temperature is carried out using the above-mentioned heat gun. The minimum distance to the PVC film must be at least a meter. The film should warm up to a condition at which it will be stretched and held in a profile lock without any problems.

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