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Modern materials and original design solutions make it possible to turn any room, whether it is a spacious house or a simple apartment in a multi-storey building, into an original and comfortable zone. This is especially important in rooms such as the kitchen, when several zones need to be placed on the territory of one room. Most often, the decoration of the kitchen is based on the zoning of the room.

Features of finishing the kitchen in the house

Finishing the kitchen in the house compares favorably with similar work in an apartment building due to the size of the premises. Agree, the rooms in your own mansion are always designed large and spacious, unlike typical panels or Khrushchev. This allows you to divide the room into three or more parts without compromising space.

There are several common techniques for zoning space, which in themselves can become an interior element and an original accent. For example, often a brick and plasterboard partition with a built-in aquarium is used to separate the cooking area and the living room. Such a technique in interior decoration can completely change its perception.

Often the function of a separator is played by a low podium, which emphasizes a special light or backlight. Faithful assistant decorator – color. With it, you can both combine and divide the space of the kitchen.

Kitchen-dining room

Kitchen-dining room in the apartment? This is real!

Finishing the kitchen in the apartment most often does not allow the implementation of such grandiose projects, but at the same time, a lot can be arranged there. For example, in modern apartments kitchen-studios are very popular. When working with such a layout, finishing the kitchen-living room or finishing the kitchen-dining room is a real pleasure and a flight of fancy for the designer. In such an apartment you can realize any idea. A very spectacular part of the interior are partitions made of glass blocks – glass cubes of different colors, which perfectly transmit light, but at the same time protect the room from prying eyes.

If you are the owner of a small apartment, but do not want to give up the idea of ​​making your kitchen multifunctional, SK-Remont specialists will be happy to help you with this. In the arsenal of the company’s designers there are several trouble-free tricks that will help organize zoning without prejudice to all participants in the process.

First of all, experts advise making full use of wall planes and transforming furniture. We are talking about all kinds of hinged storage systems and light folding furniture. Today there is a huge selection of similar products, and the company’s designers can easily help you choose the one that is ideal for you in size and style.

A big plus will be the presence of a balcony in your kitchen. Removing the window-balcony block will allow combining these two completely different rooms with each other, making them a single space. Most often, modern balconies require additional insulation, and the builders of the SK-Remont company have extensive experience in carrying out this kind of work. As a result, your kitchen will become a few squares larger, and the apartment may have a new work surface, a bar counter or a dining table – in a word, what you previously lacked in it.

If there is no balcony – it does not matter either. You can protect the working area for cooking with convenient sliding panels made of translucent glass or plastic. The world of modern building and finishing materials is so wide that only a professional can say what exactly will complement your kitchen in the best way. Do not save on beauty, and your home will become much more comfortable!

Kitchen renovation before and after video

Video report on the repair of the kitchen, divided into sections “before” and “after”.

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The cost of our services

Prices for these works are individual due to the variety of possible options. Therefore, it would be incorrect to talk about the price of a turnkey repair, but our price list for certain types of work will allow you to estimate the approximate level of costs.

The construction company “SK-Remont” offers a full range of works on the repair of residential premises, namely:

as well as the construction of country houses and cottages.

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