Laying waterproof plywood

Waterproof plywood is often used as a subfloor. It is commonly used as a base for other materials. Plywood is used to make the floor smoother. Then there will be no drops and other defects on the floor surface. In some cases, plywood can be used as a base for the floor. But then the highest quality plywood should be used. After laying, it needs to be varnished, and then it will acquire an attractive appearance.  But it is better to use plywood to level the floor and put it on the subfloor.

Choice of plywood:

Thickness. Plywood has several layers of wood that are copied and glued to each other. There should be many layers in plywood, because the thicker it is, the stronger and more reliable it is. The optimal number of plywood layers is 11 layers, and the plywood thickness must be at least 16 mm. With this thickness, plywood can be laid on a subfloor;

Stamps. If plywood is intended for indoor use and for domestic purposes, then plywood of the FK and FSF brands should be used. In the first case, plywood has an average moisture resistance, glue is used to glue the layers, in which urea resins are used as the basis. FSF plywood has increased moisture resistance, phenol-formaldehyde-based glue is used. Not only the layers are impregnated with glue, but also the top veneer;

Quality. With grades 1 and 2, plywood is of high quality, and there are minor defects. With grades 3 and 4, the quality of plywood is significantly worse, and this material cannot be used for laying a subfloor;

Wood. Deciduous and coniferous species are used. For interior work, it is advisable to use birch plywood, it is best suited for the floor.

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Plywood installation

Most often, plywood is laid on a concrete base, less often on a wooden base. That is why the option of laying plywood on a concrete base will be considered. Laying plywood on a concrete base:

The concrete base must be cleaned of dust and dirt so that it is dry and clean;

Floor waterproofing in progress. For this, thick polyethylene is used, it must be laid over the entire surface, it should be laid in strips. Each strip should overlap the other by 3-5 cm, and they need to be glued together. You can use tape for this

You need to measure the room, you need to do this before laying plywood. It is necessary to make a plan and markup of plywood sheets on the plan. Place the largest sheets in the center of the room, while taking into account the zones of maximum visibility;

Cut the plywood to the desired format and attach the sheets to the concrete base.


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