Luxury housing: social homogeneity of owners as an important factor when buying

It’s no secret that luxury home buyers are quite demanding customers who pay attention to many details.

One of them is the social status of housemates, and this is not surprising: after all, they will often have to deal with these people in the yard and in the stairwell, resolve issues related to the operation of the house, and collect their signatures in order, for example, to legitimize the redevelopment.

Particularly important to this issue, as a rule, is attached to buyers with minor children.

They want to be sure that their children will be safe in their own home and will be reliably protected from inappropriate behavior of neighbors, which can harm the vulnerable child’s psyche.

Tools for the formation of a homogeneous composition of residents

As a result, a developer selling luxury housing faces a difficult question: how to ensure this social homogeneity and select such a composition of tenants who will be as comfortable as possible living with each other under one roof?

At first glance, this task may seem extremely difficult, practically unsolvable, but today there are already methods to achieve these goals.

Perhaps the most important of them is a personal meeting between the seller and the buyer, who plans to purchase luxury housing, and members of his family.

During such a conversation, not only the future owner receives the information he needs about the planned construction time, the characteristics of the house and the quality of the engineering infrastructure, but the seller also forms an idea of ​​​​the status and lifestyle of the buyer, which will allow him to understand whether specific people will fit into the general composition of the residents of the house.

Social homogeneity of residents – the possibility of increasing the value of the object

If this conversation was successful, the buyer liked the object, and he was satisfied with the terms of the purchase, and the seller was convinced that this buyer could become a member of the team of residents, you can proceed directly to the transaction.

At this stage, in addition to standard documents confirming the facts of the transfer of funds and the transfer of ownership of luxury housing, the buyer will be asked to sign another document – a code of conduct for residents of the house, which he undertakes to comply with.

By putting his signature under it, the owner takes responsibility for the implementation of a number of rules and conditions that can make the cohabitation of all owners of apartments in the house comfortable and enjoyable.

Such consistency in understanding the rights and obligations of owners of elite housing is an important plus of a particular “club” house, which can subsequently provide a significant mark-up when selling this housing.

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