Luxury Italian furniture.

Both fashionable and luxurious.

Both fashionable and luxurious – these qualities are possessed by elite furniture from Italy

A car, a country house, clothes from famous brands – what else can emphasize a person’s style, the success he has achieved in life? The answer to this question can only be luxury furniture. The advantages of modern technology, exquisite design – all this combines Italian furniture, the collections of which amaze the buyer with elegance, fine taste and quality.

The family tradition that every furniture business in Italy is so proud of explains the attractive style and design for which luxury Italian furniture is famous all over the world. According to the same traditions, the main material used in production is noble wood. This allows modern products to look in the old style, absorbing the grace and charm of the Renaissance. Thanks to this, the elite furniture of the CP MOBILI factory, for example, seems to take the owner and guests to the Middle Ages with its locks and grace. The dining room in the Venetian style, which organically combines elements of rococo and baroque, fascinates with its pretentiousness, smooth curves of lines, giving airiness to the whole composition. Even in a small room, Italian furniture from CP MOBILI looks at ease. Chic handmade decor gives the collections of this manufacturer a true aristocracy and artistic value. Soft colors and golden painting complete the artistic composition of such an art object.

Talented craftsmen working at the BUSATTO MOBILI factory, in addition to noble wood, widely use high-quality dressed and skillfully dyed leather. Luxury furniture in the collections of this factory is harmoniously complemented by wrought iron fittings, various fabrics, glass and mirrors. And the color is simply amazing. From gleaming gold to covered with the “web of time”, which gives a peculiar antiquity to any furniture set. Bedrooms, living rooms or hallways from BUSATTO MOBILI will make an indelible impression on guests, giving home warmth and comfort.

Kitchens and bedroom sets from ARTE LEGNO are Italian furniture, in which the craftsmanship, handed down from father to son, has reached perfection. The main characteristics of products manufactured by this manufacturer are: only manual processing of furniture elements and the use in the production of certain types of wood (chestnut, oak, walnut, tulip tree). The small assortment offered to the buyer by the ARTE LEGNO factory is explained by the fact that the entire production process takes place in its own workshops. But this has an advantage – this unique elite Italian furniture is also made to order, even non-standard sizes.

Elegance, modernity and richness of style combine luxury furniture from SMANIA. The unique ideas of the designers of this Italian factory allow you to create sets for the bedroom, living room or study, which combine crystal and leather, ethnic motifs and functionality. Prestigious hotels in Italy are happy to purchase high-quality and reliable SMANIA products that can give any room a luxurious look.

Italian furniture, for many has already become synonymous with the phrase luxury furniture. But, we should not forget that fashion in the world of furniture is dictated by Italian manufacturers, therefore, elite Italian furniture is also fashionable.

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